Code of Bitcoin will be preserved for 1,000 years

The code base of Bitcoin is considered by many voices as a sacred part for programming and new technologies in our lives. Although these voices still represent a tiny portion of humanity, their efforts to perpetuate and preserve the source of the technology Blockchain continue to each day. On this occasion, GitHub is working on making a backup of the code bases of all the open source software in their platform. Where include the code bases of Lightning Network, Ethereum, Dogecoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies and software projects. Of course, that includes the main code: Bitcoin Core or base code of Bitcoin. Which is the implementation of most popular code of the underlying infrastructure of BTC and one of the most used on GitHub. The goal of this effort plausible, is that the future generations can have the opportunity to learn about the state of the current technology.

The code base of Bitcoin in a true “cold wallet”

To achieve this ambitious project, GitHub has partnered with institutions such as Software-based Heritage Foundation, Arctic World Archive and the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford. The idea is to copy all the codes on rolls of film and burn them in plates of quartz glass with lasers of femtosecond. This to subsequently store them in a container of steel up to 250 meters under ground. Such a container will be located inside of a coal mine abandoned in a frozen mountain in Svalbard, Norway. The mountains in Svalbard, Norway, are the scenario chosen to protect the code base of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for 1,000 years. All in an effort to preserve the data “live” and harmless for 1,000 years, which otherwise might be abandoned, forgotten or lost. The duplicate copies of the rolls of film that archived the code base of Bitcoin along with the 10,000 other repositories, most prominent and dependent. This will be held at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, which will provide redundancy to the Vault of the Code Arctic. It is likely that the technological world will soon find more ways of digital media storage that will last far longer than the old traditional hard drive. Without doubt, this initiative to create a backing for the very long term from the code base of Bitcoin and other criptos, they should avoid the loss of the current technologies. In the same way, serve to ensure that future historians can see and track our current technology.

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