Coinbase and Ripple are joined to the criptodominio

A fundamental issue that remains unresolved since the creation of the cryptocurrencies, it is your own use. With this we mean the acceptance of the people of the cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Various platforms have sought to solve this problem, as the actors of today. On this occasion we expose the alliance of Coinbase and Ripple.

Cryptocurrencies as a Means of Payment

Given that they possess a common objective, being to promote the domain of the cryptocurrencies in the life of the people. For this reason, is a Working Group of Market Integrity, manifesting the partnership between Coinbase and Ripple. In an official statement from the group, the senior director and associate general counsel of Coinbase, Rachel Nelson, along with the head of institutional markets global Ripple, Breanne Madigan, explain about this alliance. Emphasizing that the primary objective for the regulators to understand how they can advance in the industry of cryptocurrencies. Raised the following: “To improve the integrity of the market and provide consumers with the confidence they deserve, the Congress may need to enact laws to support the orderly and safe operation of the markets of encryption”. It can be seen that the people of Coinbase and Ripple are seeking to approach it first with the regulations of the united States. That’s why mentioned about the Congress, on the grounds that the current laws are outdated. “Such legislation could expand the authority of the Commission on Trade commodity Futures (CFTC) to include the regulation and supervision of the digital markets of exchange of commodities”. Showing that from Coinbase and Ripple there is an organization and planning for the future. “Consumers and the exchanges of cryptocurrencies deserve a clear regulatory framework, the establishment of which ultimately improve the integrity of the market and would boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies on the part of consumers.” The co-chairs argue that the new exchanges face loads byzantine while the exchanges existing struggle against the compliance requirements. But a regulatory framework would reinforce the integrity of the market and encourage consumers to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Means of Payment

It can be seen that the proposal of the people of Coinbase and Ripple is to improve the regulatory framework. Noting that would lead to these improvements in the field of use of the cryptocurrencies. Finally, we would like to remind that these companies are pioneers in the topic, considering the card Coinbase, or the various projects of Ripple with XRP. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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