Coinbase in Germany is legal? The Stock Exchanges-Check

The fees at Coinbase are extremely high. The fees in connection with the Bitcoin purchase amount to 1.49 percentage, but there are some distinctions to note.

If you make a slow Deposit via Bank transfer/SEPA, this is free of charge, this means that the average of 1.49 per cent per Bitcoin purchase.

You want a faster Transfer in the Form of a credit card or a Bank transfer immediately run, you will be charged an additional 3.99 per cent in fees, so total 5,44 percent, should you prefer a quick Deposit.

Caution: However, the Trading is linked to a fee on the volume. In the following table you can find the different volume levels, where the charge is coupled, in per cent, always on the next higher level, so that you will receive only the fee of 1.49 per cent, if you invested more than 200 US dollars.

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