Companies in Argentina and Brazil are listed in the international list of new DeFi

A research conducted by Steven Zheng, of The Block, shows that companies of Argentina and Brazil contained in the list of 73 new startup Finance Descentralizas (DeFi), of which the majority (49%) has its headquarters in the united States. The study of Zheng noted that the analysis addresses legal of these firms, the percentages changed a bit, since the participants of EE. UU. went from 50% to 44%; while Singapore, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands take a greater share of the pie. Singapore is the home to 10% of the startup crawled by the investigator Zheng, who also found that the majority of firms (57%) were founded in 2017. In Latin America, specifically, Brazil and Argentina, are venues for just 2% of the total of the DeFi that were considered in the study.

In Argentina, for example, the development of projects DeFi, has been the talk of the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies, even recently, IOV Labs, the company behind the development of RSK, announced a platform Defining on its sidechain on Bitcoin which will offer its users a stablecoin collateralized with bitcoin, tokens leveraged and passive income by staking, as reported Breaking News. RIF On-Chain (ROC) will be a platform built and deployed on the infrastructure development RIF. The work will be performed by the computer of Money On Chain. This project, which also runs on RSK, extend its technology to RIF to lay the foundations of an ecosystem of finance, decentralized and supported by the token-RIF. Money on Chain in fact it is a platform that was born last year, when he released DOC (Dollar On Chain), a stablecoin colaterizada in bitcoin. The startup with their project on a global scale, but composed by an argentine team in its majority, a long time ago that part of the populous campus of projects whose initiatives were born in the south american country. Also, Gravel Credit Network is a Marketplace is decentralized, which allows funders and debtors, to close loan agreements and p2p. For the market of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, the initiative argentina Gravel offers micro loans. Founded in Argentina, it is a platform of reference in Latin America, where over 63% of people do not have access to banking services.

The finance market decentralized strengthens

To cover the peripheries of the emerging technology and finance legacy, the DeFi have quickly become one of the offerings most notable of the ecosystem blockchain. In reality, it presents itself as an open world that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world to use and create new products and services, even it is expected that DeFi accelerate the pace of innovation. With the potential to transform completely the financial products existing, the movement has called the attention of key business actors who seek to capitalize on its emphasis on operational efficiency, cost savings and the des-intermediation. Although in the market of the DeFi coronavirus has marked a before and an after, because they caused an impact when the virus was declared a pandemic, the last 12 of march. Just before the collapse of the securities markets, in February, the value of this ecosystem stored in reserves amounted to more than USD 1,000 million, reaching a new historic milestone. However, keep in mind how the sector has been affected as a result of the COVID-19.

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