Companies related to blockchains, more than doubled in a year in Catalonia

A recent report of the Government of Catalonia highlighted that companies related to blockchains, more than doubled between 2018 and 2019, reaching a growth of 117%. The report indicated that in this region of Spain there are 76 companies that develop proposals with chains of blocks, which maintains some 400 jobs and a turnover of 9.5 million euros per year between the startups.The research of the local authorities, presented this week during the European Blockchain Convention (EBC), determined that the environment blockchain in Catalonia is an emerging area, conformed mainly by small businesses that exhibit the potential to generate impact on society. On average, the companies generate business each year by 120,000 euros and each would have a staff of about 5 employees.In the study entitled “The technologies of log-distributed (DLT), the blockchain in Catalonia: pill technology”, it was stressed that this technology, which was born out of Bitcoin as a digital system, “it is especially indicated for the management of public services, as well as for the implementation of the processes of citizen participation.”In Catalonia, the blockchains are being used for various areas among which the following stand out: digital identity, management and traceability of waste, records for donor organs, and medical records, among other public services.

International growth

The analysis not only covered what is happening in Catalonia or Spain on the blockchains, but that also put the magnifying glass on what happens on a global scale with the potential applications of this technology. In the document it was mentioned that in the year 2013 the total investment in the world in this field were approximately 256 million euros, while in 2018 the capital injection climbed up to the 6,000 million euros, which translates into a growth rate of 2.344% in five years.Despite this growth, the corresponding figures for the 2019, global investment on blockchains, they would have located in some 3,200 million euros. Among the countries with the largest injection of capital are the united States and Canada 2,200 million euros invested between January and November of 2019, a figure which represents 72% of the investments in this technology.The european continent accounted for 14% of the total funds invested last year, Asia 12% and the remaining 2% was distributed in the other continents.In connection with the patent market, the united States was also the leader in this line with 4.413 patents related to blockchains recorded during the 2019, which represented a 38% of the total records of this type in the world. In second position was China with 21%, while Europe and South Korea amounted to 4%.

Catalonia, friendly, with blockchain

The autonomous community of Catalan records a history-friendly decentralized networks, something that is not only limited to private enterprise. Even, the government is committing itself more than ever to use blockchains in the public administration. In September of last year it was reported that the Government of Catalonia built a platform identity based on a blockchain.This announcement came a month after the authorities got to know that Catalonia would invest three million euros to carry a blockchain to the public administration, which speaks of the enthusiasm for adopting this type of networks to promote transparency.Also known as accounting or distributed blockchain, it is a technology that allows you to perform transactions of any kind, over the internet, between two or more people without the involvement of intermediaries or trusted third parties. The information is based on a distributed database or decentralized in which you can see the operations without the possibility of being modified.

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