Companies take advantage of the cloud RippleNet

According to a report by RippleNet may 25, argue that companies should use the technology of the cloud to maintain operations during this health crisis by the Covid-19. In addition, it explains that they must begin to adapt to the post-Covid. The report says that the world is being pushed towards a new chapter in the story. One in which the simple and routine tasks are increasingly cumbersome. This is due in part to the current global pandemic by Covid-19, forcing that essential operations are moved to the digital realm. For this reason, people of RippleNet recommended to possess a infrastructure elastic that works in the cloud. In this way, companies will be able to meet the growing demand in the market of consumers in real-time.

RippleNet: the solution to The archaic systems

In a post-Covid, those financial institutions that did the infrastructure change, and adapted its way of working to the cloud, they are prepared for the new challenges. However, despite the benefits, the major global banks continue to lag behind in regard to the adoption of the cloud. In this sense, they are now even more overdue. Because, as the actors technology more agile to adapt to new digital environments, the archaic systems are passed to a second plane. Many companies are taking into account that the consumers of today are primarily a digital generation. This has been demonstrated, above all, with the use of the delivery up to the door of his house, or the use of applications on the phone to be in control of everything from the palm of their hands. For this reason, consumers expect that banks and financial institutions were making little by little. Unfortunately, the current global infrastructure of payment has more in common with a system as archaic, with the need for speed this generation. Here is when it enters the solution of RippleNet: the use of the cloud provides to banks and financial institutions a new platform to meet these demands. As a result, companies must harness the power of the cloud of RippleNet.

Why the cloud?

In accordance with RippleNet, the maintenance of the current infrastructure facilities is a challenge. Which makes the banks and financial institutions move more slowly than other industries in terms of deploying new features and updates. In this way, with the expansion and growth of the technology of the cloud during the last decade. These companies have the option of adopting cloud technologies that are more agile and developed, or run the risk of being left behind. Take into account that the technology and the security of the cloud has significantly improved. In this sense, because there is no reason for the financial data of the clients to live in systems that are archaic, inflexible and costly. Therefore, one of the lessons that he has left us the Covid-19 is that we need better solutions. The global economic crisis shows that the cloud solutions to large-scale are at the height of the circumstances. In fact, RippleNet confirms that Microsoft recently reported a significant increase in the use of cloud services in regions with a social distancing mandatory. With so many large companies adapting to the technology of the cloud, RippleNet affirms the importance and how necessary it is for institutions to harness the power of the same. Currently, the technologies based in the cloud are considered essential for any company that wishes to survive the pandemic.

Why is the cloud the cloud of RippleNet?

With the cloud of RippleNet, banks and financial institutions can maximize their business profits with a minimum of effort and greater flexibility. In accordance with the statement of RippleNet, the cloud allows customers to send and receive payments with an integration and an Object of Payment Ripple (RPO) that is common among all clients of RippleNet. Which means less friction between the institutions, and more standardization for customers. In this sense, the use of the cloud, customers can go into operation in RippleNet five weeks faster than clients of software on-premises. So, be able to avoid the requisition of hardware, or the hiring of special staff, to begin to speed up payments to the end consumer. In addition, customers of the cloud may maintain and make new connections easily. This is possible through an API for all of its connections of RippleNet. RippleNet highlights that “The cloud solutions are also cheaper to deploy and manage solutions in the facilities. The operations team of Ripple is in charge of the maintenance and upgrades of the infrastructure, which saves customers money that can be transferred to consumers in the form of lower costs and rates more competitive.” Finally, Ripple says that the institutions must adapt to this new opportunity to create better ways of working. It is time for the global payments are instant to ensure that the daily life can be maintained without interruptions, no matter what.

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