Company of alternative payments will offer the petro business in Venezuela | Breaking News

The venezuelan government continues to put on the table at the petro, then to announce the partnership between the National Superintendant of Criptoactivos (SUNACRIP) and Valeven. The partnership with one of the payment companies alternative largest of Venezuela was approved by Nicolás Maduro this November 20.The convention will incorporate the system of petro to approximately 27,000 companies that are in turn affiliated to the services of Valeven. In this way, Maduro is estimated that venezuelans will have more than 100,000 merchants that will accept the digital currency as a payment method. That is to say, pensioners, workers, or owners of petros will be able to pay for their products directly at these facilities, according to the representative.

Valeven also obtained the license of SUNACRIP to operate as a house of change of cryptocurrencies. Nicolas Maduro pointed out that this is the eleventh house of change who works with petro in the country, under the government authorization.With the introduction of Valeven to this ecosystem, the venezuelan government would seek to facilitate the exchange of petros for other currencies at the national level. Since last year various sharing platforms claim to operate with a license in the country, however, it is not a service that the average citizen use frequently or understand in its entirety.The month of November has been characterized by the proliferation of official announcements with respect to the petro, a move that confirms that the venezuelan government is interested in the diffusion and adoption of your criptoactivo at the national level. For example, the month began with the decree that obliges all companies to keep a record of accounting expressed in petros; a measure that generated uncertainty between the companies and the guild of accountants. Also, Nicolas Maduro announced the payment of half a petro as a year-end bonus for public workers and pensioners.

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