Computer website Nomics shows from now on, transparent, fair market value, and trading volume

Cryptocurrency data analysis, work desk, Nomics, has an indicator at the launch of the transparency of the cryptocurrency exchanges to measure performance, both in terms of market value, and if the volume of trade. Let them know in an announcement on their blog today. According to the Nomics, is the overall volume level is often a factor of 10 larger than that of the transparent volume. That is why it is important to be critical when data are compared.

A lot of trading volume is not

Nomics bases its ratings on data from a report issued in may of 2019 at the latest, it was released by Bitwise Asset Management. In accordance with the Bitwise and was up to 95 percent of the trading volume of bitcoin is a fake. Especially in CoinMarketCap, it was located in the corner where the blows fell: “CoinMarketCap shows a basic false impression of the true scale and nature of the bitcoin market.”
The data analyst firm Nomics now in addition to the market value of the trading volume is also the clear market and clear trade show. This means that they have to make a distinction between exchanges which is the data in good order, and grants that does not have full access to the data.

Nomics has developed a rating scale for stock markets has developed, with A+ being the highest and F the lowest. An a+ means that a stock all of the historical data in share, including the full hisotire of the order book and the volume of trade. A lower score means that a scholarship is not a full inspection of it. Or is that the stock market, for example, in the past, has been investigated by the SEC because of suspicious trading activity.

Out of more reliable data,

According to Clay Collings, co-founder of the Nomics, it is important to rely on accurate data:
Most of the scholarships provide data of low quality. These data are the easiest to manipulate. It is a white trading to be possible, the things that we are trying to connect to our transparency and credit ratings. We are proud to announce that we have transparency and take into account, and putting it on our web site.”

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