Conference at MIT : the Blockchain and the “security tokens” to attract the interest of institutions

During a panel Blockchain organized at MIT, stakeholders have stressed the growing interest of financial institutions for the Blockchain. These economic actors rely heavily on this technology to revolutionize the financial sector.

A “hyped media” around the Blockchain ?

During the ” MIT Bitcoin Expo “, the financial experts have announced that financial services providers are turning gradually to the Blockchain in order to improve their offering and positioning itself as a leader in a very competitive market.
However, stresses the expert financial, Ada Kokoshi, many alternative solutions available to financial firms in order to offer an added value to their customers.

“If you remove the space, Blockchain and crypto-currencies, there are tons of events that occur in finance,” said Ada Kokoshi, senior vice president and manager of digital assets at State Street.

In addition, according to Ada Kokoshi, institutions can diversify their offer with many financial products traded outside the crypto-sphere (particularly with ETFS, and mutual funds).

Undeniable interest for crypto-currencies

Due to the outstanding performance of crypto-currencies, many financial companies have started to take an interest in this new asset class emerged a few years ago. Evidence of this growing popularity, the universities Yale, Harvard, and MIT have pooled investment funds crypto in 2019.

“They realize that this is an asset class that cannot be ignored,” noted Ria Bhutoria, director of research at Fidelity Digital Assets.

The “Security tokens” would have particularly attracted the greatest attention of investment firms, according to the expert, Blockchain.

“The investors and the participants are eager for transparency (…), and security tokens to promise more transparency,” said Kokoshi justifying the interest around the security tokens.

Lucas Nuzzi, the head of data products network in Corner Metrics would have echoed the statements of Kokoshi by announcing that the security tokens constituted a “point of interest” for financial institutions.
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