ConsenSys and EY will develop a protocol for Enterprise-class

Baseline, a protocol established by ConsenSys and EY, has just been launched and enables companies to synchronize their data through a Blockchain private.

A solution for businesses

EY and the startup ConsenSys have announced the launch of the protocol Baseline that allows you to synchronize on a Blockchain private class data Company. This initiative is open-source combines the advances of the Blockchain and messaging services to provide a sharing system of private documents, low-cost and intended for businesses.
The technical committee Baseline would be established by a dozen companies and organizations responsible for the development of the project. Microsoft, ConsenSys, Chainlink, AMD, Duke University would appear among the members of the committee.

“The protocol Baseline is the missing link that we all waited for, to help the companies that use the technology Blockchain”, also emphasizes Chainlink.

The detail of Baseline

The protocol Baseline provides a set of tools that not only allow companies to conduct private transactions, but also to conclude commercial contracts with other parties.

“We can ensure that all participants in the network have a complete privacy, that their data are compartmentalized, “said Paul Brody, the head of the”innovation world EY.

In addition, the data shared between the two partner companies are not accessible by other users of the network. However, according to John Wolpert, the chief executive officer of ConsenSys, the deployment of the protocol Baseline has been particularly costly, both in terms of resources than on the financial plan.
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