Corner Market Cap would certify the authenticity of such data

May 26, 2020 by Clementine

After having been slammed by the crypto-community for swelling of the data it publishes, at the Corner of Market Cap, the platform provider data cryptos, has promised to redouble its efforts to remedy this evil, and burnish his image.

To appease the fears of the crypto-community

The reputation of the crypto industry has always been tainted by the swelling of the volumes of trading. A report of 2019 regarding the authenticity of the trading volume reveals the involvement of Corner Market Cap in the publication of false data, which did not fail to pounce the crypto-community.
These fears are intensified when the Corner Market Cap has joined the family Binance. The level of transparency of the platform has been submitted to the critical eyes of the observers of the crypto-market, because of the promiscuity of the businesses of the two giants.
During the acquisition, at the Corner of Market Cap has just said that Binance was going to change its business model. But this time, she wants to ensure the accuracy of the data issued by its platform to users.

Adopt a new approach

Corner Market Cap has now taken the strong resolution to reform the process by informing the user choice in their trading decisions. The enhancements made within the platform consist in the experimentation of new approaches.
Usually, the volume of a trading operation is determined based on the number of users, while seeking the trading platforms make available the databases of their users.
Corner Market Cap) has turned to be a better option for assessing the volume of an exchange taking into account the Web traffic as the main parameter. Thus, the platform has found it necessary to make a retreat vis-à-vis the data provided by the exchange sites.
Monitoring web traffic will highlight the bounce rate of exchange platforms, pageviews, time on site or number of unique visitors.
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