Coronavirus : 1.2 million Italians have recourse to the services of crypto-currencies

March 24, 2020 by Clementine

At the time of the quarantine measures and containment extends throughout the Italian territory, the financial services-based crypto-currencies are experiencing a growing adoption. Among the financial institutions offering services of crypto-assets, the bank Banca Stella, has attracted nearly 1.2 million Italians.

A service of trading Bitcoin as a safe haven for the financial system is blocked by the Covid-19

The sudden stop of the professional activities in Italy has dealt a hard blow to the economy and, in particular, at the level of the banking sector since the onset of the epidemic. Today, the Italians, are confined to their homes and require an efficient payment system that would allow them to make their purchases without having to move.
In this perspective, the Banca Sella has decided to launch its platform to Hype that allows transactions and payments for goods and services with the crypto-currency. At present, this solution seems to attract the interest of citizens knowing that around 1.2 million Italians use the service Hype.

Bitcoin is gaining popularity

In the Face of the economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19, the hour has come for Bitcoin to demonstrate his ability to move out of the traditional financial system as had been anticipated by Satoshi Nakamoto with the publication of the White Paper in 2009.
Thus, the Bitcoin is its tunic of a parallel currency to work around the disability of people to perform contactless transactions via the Blockchain. For Antonio Valitutti, the director-general of the Hype :

“The market of the crypto-currency and Bitcoin continues to generate interest, particularly among the public which is our customer base – by definition, young and intelligent and, increasingly, expects to be able to access this world through the tool it uses to manage money on a daily basis” .

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