Coronavirus strikes to Bitcoin and the criptomercado

Former CEO of Bakkt liquidates its properties in the middle of the Coronavirus

This edition of News Faster we expose them as the pandemic that is affecting the world, the Coronavirus, also hits Bitcoin and the criptomercado full. No one escapes from this situation, from cryptocurrencies to investors, as the first news of today. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), former CEO of Bakkt, is liquidating their properties with her husband. Stressing that it does, following allegations of insider trading during the market collapse induced by the Coronavirus. In a tweet, Loeffler announced that she and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, CEO of ICE, they are liquidating their properties in the accounts to focus on addressing the situation of the Coronavirus.

The former CEO of Bakkt has also published an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal. Stressing that his action is not caused by the requirements of the Senate, rather by a strong commitment to defeat the Coronavirus. Loeffler added that it will inform all transactions in the public report of recurring transactions: I Am taking steps to go beyond the distraction and re-focus on the essential work that we all must do to overcome the Coronavirus. Although the ethics rules of the Senate do not require it, my husband and I are liquidating our holdings in managed accounts and going through to exchange traded funds and mutual funds. I will report these transactions existing in the periodic report of transactions that present later this month. However, the accusations of abusing his position and using insider information for their financial decisions continue. Therefore, to Bakkt hits the Coronavirus thanks to its former CEO.

Scams of Bitcoin claim that involves prince Harry, Charles, and his wife, Meghan Markle

A scam trade Bitcoin (BTC) has demanded the participation of the duke and duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry Charles Albert David and his wife Meghan Markle. According to a report in the April 9, The Mirror, the royal couple appeared in a mock article from the BBC where they praised a business scheme of Bitcoin. The untrue report claimed that the couple spoke during a television program on a “gap of wealth” that can “transform anyone into a millionaire in three or four months.” Stressing that the whole situation happens in the midst of the chaos of the Coronavirus. According to the article false, the plan would play a role in the intentions, very real couple take a step back as members of the royal family and become financially independent. The report praises the well-known scam Bitcoin Evolution: “What made us successful is to jump to new opportunities quickly and without hesitation, and at this time our money number one is a new program for automated trading of cryptocurrencies called Bitcoin Evolution. It is the greatest opportunity we have seen in our entire life to build a small fortune quickly. We urge everyone to review this before the banks close”.

Coin Center makes a call to users to protect their notebooks

The group of defense of cryptocurrencies non-profit Coin Center has made a call to the community to develop responses that are based on technology. This as a response to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, which hits Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies from several angles. In this case, Coin Center seeks to protect the civil liberties and privacy. In a recent publication, the research director of the center, Peter Van Valkenburgh, surveyed recent proposals of the Foundation of the Zcash. “It is our duty as a community of technologists to be vigilant against the imposition of technologies of tracking and identity that could, in the long term, jeopardize our autonomy and privacy,“ wrote Van Valkenburgh.

Galaxy digital warns on new drops as you progress the Coronavirus

The bank of cryptocurrencies Mike Novogratz, who suffered another loss in the last quarter of 2019, it warned investors that the Coronavirus is likely to contribute to new falls, given that it hits Bitcoin with force. Galaxy Digital reported a net loss of $ 32,9 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 on Wednesday. The commercial arm of the commercial bank incurred in the great majority of the losses.

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