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In the time since we last koersanalyse, it is that the bitcoin price a lot of, increased. And, since the bottom of last Monday, the share price even more than a 15 per cent increase. Where does that strength come from? So what can we expect next week?

Reverse the shampoo, which caused a rise in share price

Yes, okay, that’s a real term, inverse head-and-shoulders. This is a koersformatie, which leads to an increase in the price. We have been there on Tuesday had a discussion about it, and it seems to be true. The shape of the koersformatie is in the name, and the price action appears to be the head and shoulders, upside down:

First, you can see that in the course of a valley, which is in the left shoulder.
It is located in the bottom, that is, in the main.
After that, you can see to the right. It is located at approximately the same level as the left shoulder.

Also very important is the neckline. This is the level at which the rate should be increased. If that doesn’t happen, then we are not speaking of an inverse head-and-shoulders. The neckline is shown by the orange bar in the chart.

Breaks down bitcoin for the trend line?

The trend line on the chart below, starting on the 25th of October, said the Chinese president, that he’s blockchain like. It made for a koersexplosie of 40 per cent in less than a day’s time. Since that time, the bitcoin price is in a downtrend.
In november, the race in four attempts at the line to break. Now that the price is in a rising trend, it is going to bitcoin is on the fast track to the trend line. Break down the price of it through? This is a very good sign. An increase in the direction of 7,700 euros in the short term, it is even possible (see our scenario below).

Altcoins with bitcoin with

The bottom of that page is a bit of a mess, but we are going to be explained to you. You are looking at the developments over the past month, five of the largest cryptomunten: bitcoin (red), ether, litecoin, XRP, and bitcoin to cash. Bitcoin is in the red, because of the price, there is a common thread running through them. And actually tether to it, but the exchange rate has been stable.
The fall of Monday, the 25th november saw the prices of the five cryptomunten from each other. You can see the first orange block. But it was remarkable that all five of the cryptomunten to be just as hard, came down last Monday. You can see that the second orange block.
On the whole, the other computer about the same way as bitcoin. When bitcoin is rising, then to rise, altcoins, too. And the other way around.

What do we expect the price of bitcoin?

We’ll zoom back out, you have to look at the long-term. You can see that the share price at the end of 2017 and through to the present day, each and every candle covers in a day.
Our expectations have not changed significantly compared to the previous analysis. It’s also not that hard to understand, because in the long term, there is not a lot of change. The price continues to move down between two parallel, current-trend-line. These two trend lines together and call it is also referred to as a channel. What do we expect from the course?
In the positive case, it raises the price up to the top of the channel. The upper end of the channel and is now down to 7,700 euros. This is subject to change, as it will depend on how fast bitcoin is growing. Breaking bitcoin is at the top of the channel? Then we can get our eyes to focus on the peak in 2019 at approximately 12,200 euros.
But it is dropping bitcoin? You will find that the price support, in the middle of this week, around 6,000 euros.

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