Course crash or gentle relaxation?

IOTA has now been almost a month without a coordinator behind. This could be done in this time, there is no IOTA of transactions, but only non-value transactions. The investors were forced to keep their IOTA. Therefore, the theory is that many investors sell their IOTA to the market as soon as the coordinator is up and running again, and the Coins can be transferred was created. The planned Comeback of the co-ordinator has been planned for today; the exact timing, however, remained still open. Recently, it was communicated to Discord on the part of the IOTA Foundation, the coordinator goes to 17 clock live the clock is ticking so.What will be the impact of the Start on the IOTA course? Will be able to keep the price or will there be a Dump? We look at the different scenarios.

IOTA and the Problem of centrality?

IOTA is still longer. Although non-value transactions can be carried out, but probably the most important Asset in the own network can not be transferred. This circumstance led to a strong criticism of the IOTA Foundation (IF), which has turned off due to uncertainty in the Form of a Hacks the Trinity Wallet the coordinator, in order to protect the Funds of the users. The reason is so noble, actually, because it serves the protection of the Community. A lot of people from the IOTA Community will see the switching Off of the coordinator in this respect is less critical and are glad that IF was able to take such measures and has taken. David Sonstebo, one of the founders of the IOTA Foundation, wants to compensate the victims of the Hacks out of his own pocket. A Happy Ending?You have to admit that IF all along the line of their professional page. The transparency in the entire process was always given and the Community was informed of all Updates immediately. However, the bitter aftertaste of the “Single Point of Failure” remains. IOTA is centralized in the current stage by the coordinator. Thus, the possible dangers, we get to feel already before the Hack occur.The best and safest stock market choose for you to opt for the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our Bitcoin and Altcoin exchanges to throw a comparison. Trading on the safest and best exchanges in the world! For Comparison

IOTA Community is aware of the problem

This ‘Problem’ of centralisation should, in the meantime, tear but not one IOTA more investors from the stool. Finally, the majority know that the project is still in its infancy and the major Updates are still to come. IOTA has been with specially-invented concept of Coordicide the goal is to remove the coordinator for the long term. This would also be the end of centrality. The investors continue to believe firmly in the IF and the overall goal is to establish a Standard in the IoT area. Consequently, there should be no sharp price movements on the stock markets after the Turn on of the coordinator.On the other hand, the entire market crashed in the last days. Thus, some investors may not have had the opportunity to sell their IOTA to the market prior to the falling prices. What speaks against it, is that we now know from several Reports that very many people keep their Coins on the centralized Wallets of exchanges. Thus, these people could also be the off coordinator with IOTA. Thus, these investors had to sell your IOTA to. This only works when the actual trading takes place on the stock exchange on the Blockchain. A withdrawal of the IOTA of the stock exchange, however, was, accordingly, not possible.The investors who have kept their IOTA on the Trinity Wallet, are usually strongly behind the project, and such a Situation is not out of the rest.

Probably no impact on the course – but there was a tendency in the direction of the sales

The IOTA course is for the 12. February by more than 40% in USD favor. So perhaps the failure of the coordinator has been priced in over the last few weeks already. More likely, the Bitcoin price crash of the last few weeks, has almost ripped all the Altcoins to the floor, however this is more like it.A completely different theory is that the IOTA rate rises after the Turning on of the co-ordinator again. This is a somewhat irrational scenario, but it is still possible. It could be seen as bullish News that IOTA has fixed the Bug in the Trinity Wallet and transactions are possible again. For me personally, this scenario is rather unrealistic, but you know, in the Crypto Space, anything is possible.In summary, one can say that the power of the coordinator is likely to have a major impact on the IOTA course. If so, then the tendency is higher that the price will fall, as he rises.We are pleased that the coordinator just before the Start, and users come back to your IOTA. The time was set to 17 o’clock, but it can be moved to other hours, because the Nodes need a few hours to Synchronize. We will monitor the price movement and the development of IOTA continue to keep you up to date. Stay tuned.How will behavior, in your opinion, of course after Turning on the IOTA co-ordinator?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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