Covid-19 and crypto: Bitcoin Is the safest investment during a global recession?

The fear of a looming global recession has led to a rush to the relocation of assets in the so-called “safe havens” such as U.S. Treasuries and precious metals. Bitcoin now offers an Alternative – and the extent to which it protects assets, revealed its uniqueness.

Bitcoin fell, while others rose

Longhash has just published an article that provides the ability of Bitcoin in question, to serve during the current global crisis as a safe haven. The author claims that the US Treasury chambers, as superior to the flagship Cryptocurrency have proven, especially because of the Bitcoin price has fallen in the last two weeks dramatically.
The article is based on the following diagram to illustrate his argument:

It is true that Bitcoin has held its value, as the Covid-19 pandemic, the beginning has spread. It may surprise many that Gold has lost value (Longhash seems to believe otherwise).
The yields of the U.S. Treasury, however, has risen, suggesting that investors have much more confidence in American bonds, when it comes to the long-term security of assets.
Most experts agree that both Bitcoin as well as Gold are dropped, since the owners are selling the Assets for quick cash to pay bills. US Treasury bills were held, because they can’t be liquidated easily.

BTC offers a different Form of security

A comparison of the two asset classes is not easy. Bitcoin, like Gold, is unreliable.
Its value depends entirely on the market forces, because the offer may not be used by a government or Central Bank manipulation. Treasuries, however, require trust in the competence and ethics of the U.S. Central Bank.
Their value could be easily undone, if this centralized Institution decides to play the Dollar game.
In the last few decades, the US-Treasury bonds have acquired due to the enormous strength of the American economy and sound money policies of the Fed a reputation as a safe investment. However, it does not accept foolishly that the US Central Bank plays fast and loose with the money supply, if it considers it necessary.
She has done this in the 1970s in the attempt to reduce unemployment. Many other countries have since then repeated.
The United States, Germany and many other countries are now facing an economic crisis, as has occurred in modern times, never before. Despite the fact that it reflects on their bonds in a well-deserved Tradition, can not support the assessment of their long-term value in the present circumstances to the data of two weeks.
A way to mitigate the threat of a recession is to print more money and increase Inflation. Such a policy would bring the value of the currently purchased treasuries to collapse.
Blockchain Assets, however, remain highly speculative and have certainly a lot of risks. One that is not subject to the possibility that a Central unit drives with the offer or distribution of the game.
And for many, this fact represents a remarkable safe haven.

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