Credit bubble ready to Burst? Why China stocks bitcoin price threaten rally

The profits of Bitcoin in this week due to a substantial equity rally that was led by the Chinese market.Recent reports suggest, however, that the CSI 300 Index, a Standard of the most important shares of the country has increased due to an increase in the Margin loan.This has led to speculation that China’s best bull run of the last five years could be a bubble.This analogy brings Bitcoin in danger, his recent gains in the coming Sessions back to destroy.

Bitcoin has risen this week to 3.70 percent, but its price rally has seem to be numerous bearish cracks.

The Benchmark crypto-currency is increased in the absence of a solid catalyst by leaps and bounds. Traders speculate due to technical anecdotes continue to be on an extended bullish Momentum. Nevertheless, Bitcoin seems to have the indicators given up and he seems to be rather in thrall to a glowing risk sentiment.

Booming Chinese market

To the start of the week, Bitcoin the exchange rate of the U.S. stock win. The American stock markets recovered again, as the CSI 300 of the Chinese mainland – is an indicator of the country’s major stocks listed in Shenzhen and Shanghai, on Monday to nearly 6 per cent, climbed to the highest level in five years.

Bitcoin, S&P 500 and CSI 300 move in the same step. Source:

The CSI 300 has continued its rally and jumped on Thursday by a further 1.1 per cent. This enabled the S&P 500, and Bitcoin, your weekly gains despite modest Downward revisions to maintain.

Warning signals in the Bitcoin rally

Bitcoin could resume its uptrend and the mark of $9.500 exceed – a technical resistance, which is highlighted by a variety of analysts. Nevertheless, the crypto seems to be the currency of a massive downward correction threatened. The reason for this is China once again.

Data service Wind writes in his Wednesday report, that the Margin loans were climbed for the purchase of Chinese equities, the highest level since 2015. Until Tuesday, traders had borrowed from brokers 184 billion dollars in the Renminbi, many of them about newly opened Trading accounts.

The event is reminiscent of a Fractal of five years ago. In the year 2015, encouraged China’s state media investors, their capital, despite a weakening economic background in equities.

In this period there was a gradual increase in Margin loans, which led to a rise in the CSI 300 by 100 percent.

The rally faded, however, after almost a year, and the Chinese stock market fell by almost 40 percent.

The “Red zone” shows China’s CSI-300-Pump-and-Dump starting in 2015. The Fractal could be the upward trend of Bitcoin break. Source:

Margin Trading is risky, because if the value of a security fails, it must receive the borrower the minimum balance by depositing more cash or securities to maintain. The result usually is that they sell their most profitable holdings for Fiat.

The same phenomenon played a decisive role in the crash of Bitcoin in March 2020. Traders who suffered massive losses in the stock market, sold the crypto-currency, to cover their Margin Calls. Bitcoin had before the crash, 40 percent of the gains since the beginning of the year to.

Hao Hong, head of research and chief strategist of the Hong Kong-based Bocom International, says that about 12 percent of the daily Trading volume on the Chinese stock market of Margin accounts. This clearly jeopardised the recent rally in the Chinese stock market.

Bitcoin trade meanwhile, under the fear of up to be the next stock market collapse scapegoat for the liquidity.

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