Credits and GeoBD combine to implement the technology Blockchain

Credits and GeoBD have sealed a partnership to combine efforts to explore the many applications of Blockchain in various sectors of activity. This is a collaboration that promises to be profitable for the development of this technology.

The two giants unite their know-how

Credits, a platform Blockchain public, and GeoDB, a global market data at the decentralised level, have established a partnership of first choice for studying the limitless applications of the Blockchain.

“The team Credits is pleased to present a new partner @GeoDataBlock – the first ecosystem of data sharing peer-to-peer powered by technology Blockchain “, one can read on the twitter site of GeoBD.

GeoBD is a large ecosystem of decentralized data-sharing peer-to-peer. It brings together the data decentralised on an open source platform based on the Blockchain. GeoBD thus facilitates data transactions P2P reliable and without friction.
As to Credits, the platform supports the execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The two companies intend to leverage their respective expertise on the Blockchain to make high-end solutions for companies.

The prowess of Credits

In 2019, the Appropriations has announced a major update to its Blockchain that offers the promise of transactions in crypto-currencies that are fast and economical. Since the online release of its Mainnet, Credits account more than 120 knots and has facilitated more than 3 million transactions.
The ecosystem has more than 2200 smarts contracts, and is able to deploy about 1500 tokens these past two years. Credits do not stop in so good way and anticipates the major developments in the future, including the design of the crypto-currency native and an application of crypto-wallet.
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