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A criptobanco swiss seeks almost $ 100 million in fresh capital

Sheba, a young swiss bank of digital assets with license, regulatory, seeks to try to an increase of secondary capital for more than $ 95 million in additional funding. During the increase, the criptobanco Sheba aims to get 100 million swiss francs, equivalent to $ 96.5 million, “of new investors, including financial institutions, offices, families and individuals”, wrote Financial News London in a report of January 17. The startup Crypto friendly SHEBA Bank AG announced its launch on November 12, 2019, after which the Authority of Supervision of the Financial Market in Switzerland (FINMA) will approve the team to operate in the world of securities and banking. The criptobanco raised significant capital in its first round of fundraising, attracting more than $ 103 million in terms of us dollars, according to the CEO of Sheba, Guido Bühler, in a press release of November 12. Bühler said: “We are proud to have founded a bank in 18 months, raised CHF 100 million in capital from investors.

Oklahoma senator Nathan Dahm wrote a new draft law

Oklahoma senator Nathan Dahm wrote a new draft of the law for your state that seeks to build a financial institution innovative backed by the state around the technology blockchain, establishing a new classification of institutions. With date January 15, 2020, the bill pointed out that the financial institution authorized by the state will be “the central depositary of the virtual currency used by the government agencies in this state.” To add more details, the text explains that the movement essentially prevent the choking regulatory, allowing the innovation to grow, while protecting the citizens. The document noted: “The purpose of this new financial institution authorized by the state will be to provide valuable financial services and technical innovators and developers of blockchain, and virtual currency”.

Victims of the pyramid scheme request for reimbursement to the government of Uganda

More than 5,000 victims of the alleged pyramid scheme of cryptocurrencies Dunamiscoins have requested the Parliament of Uganda to request the refund of the money lost in the scam. Arthur Asiimwe, the leader of the group the petitioner that filed the petition to the president of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, claims that the government has granted a license to the supposed company scams, according to an official announcement of the Parliament of Uganda on January 16. Seen for the first time at the beginning of December of 2019, Dunamiscoins allegedly involved in the scam more than 10,000 people, causing losses of around $ 2.7 million. According to reports, the apparent company of scam closed its offices, only a month after its opening, stealing money from their investors and employees after having previously pledged a return of 40% of the investment in cash. Asiimwe emphasized that the government of Uganda should be held responsible for the incident of Dunamiscoins: “The government authorized this company and gave him the okay to work as a financial institution that does not accept deposits; carried out their functions as a company of micro-finance. Gave unrealistic bonuses”.

The Group Regulator Canadian addresses to exchanges of cryptocurrencies

The main body of financial control of Canada has said the exchanges of encryption that will be subject to the securities act whether they act as custodians of digital assets of users. The Securities Administrators of Canada (CSA) said in a published guidance that the common practice of exchange of custody of the assets of the users. “Simply to provide users with a contractual right or claim to an asset-cryptographic underlying” – could subject them to the law of values. “If an active crypto has been delivered immediately to the user of a Platform is an important component to assess whether, and to what extent, the transaction and the Platform are subject to the law of values”, according to the joint statement. The CSA is a group of securities regulators provincial in Canada, that does not have an equivalent federal as well as the Securities and exchange Commission of USA, The CSA said that the transactions without immediate delivery, constitute sales of derivatives. Even if the asset is safeguarded is generally recognized as a commodity, like Bitcoin, could be classified as the sale of debt or of an investment contract, a transaction that is governed by the securities law of the country. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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