CriptoTendencia turns 3 years old – Breaking News

The may 1, 2017 I founded with my son Andrés Tejero Jr. the site with the aim of providing quality information and objective on the ecosystem Crypto / Blockchain. Today CriptoTendencia turns 3 years old thanks to the support that we receive daily from all of you. Thanks, thanks and more Thanks… to 2017 was an unforgettable year for the market of the cryptocurrencies, as it coincided with the birth of the ICOs, together with the historical maximum of the Bitcoin at 20k. The progress in these 3 years has been enormous. Not exactly in the best price for the BTC, but rather in the consolidation of this new technology of money. At the time of writing we are 11 days of a historic event for the ecosystem: the Halving of the Bitcoin, which promises to shake up the market.

CriptoTendencia turns 3 years old

It seems that it was some days ago when you started CriptoTendencia, but it’s been 3 years. Is so volatile this market that the time flies by. Thanks to the trust that you give us daily, we have added over 70 million page views on our different platforms (Desktop, Mobile, and AMP). Alexa, the site most known for measuring the popularity of a Website globally, has positioned us at the time of writing in the post 25.564. A number that is more than high, whereas in the metric involves all the pages of the world. Position CriptoTendencia in the Alexa ranking The strong trust placed daily in us commits us to strive more and more to provide quality information, factual and to-the-moment that everything that happens in the market crypto, which can vary drastically from one time to another (sometimes in a matter of minutes).

Committed with the quality of the information

From CriptoTendencia we know that you have many options when it comes to find out that is happening in the market crypto, that’s why we can’t acknowledge your preference. We have only one commitment at the time of reporting and is with you, the reader, with no one else. Each publication of our site goes through various quality checks to assure that the information they read is factual, accurate and impartial. Whether you’re giving your first steps in the market crypto, or be an expert in the matter, you’ll always find in CriptoTendencia up to date information that will help you to be at the forefront of the information. I want to thank all of our journalists, analysts and editors who work daily from Monday to Monday to get first hand reliable information.

The world is changing

In these times of pandemic the world is stopped, millions of people are in their houses, some working, others not so much. It is a perfect time to take advantage of the free time, one of the most valuable assets. Here you have to ask: what could I do? To prepare for the new world, because when all this is over, nothing will be as before. But you can take advantage of this time to adapt to everything that comes (technology Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc.). Then when everything returns to “normal” all the time stopped, you will have taken advantage of it, said Andrés Tejero Jr., Co-founder of CriptoTendencia. In addition, he added: What more awaits us in this 2020? Sure there will be more surprises under the sleeve, which you can view in CriptoTendencia. Long live CriptoTendencia and long life to Bitcoin!

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