Crypto-Analyst PlanB defends his bullish over $100,000 Bitcoin price forecast

Despite the market carnage on Thursday was the author of a popular Bitcoin-price prediction model, the forecast is still bullish. The crypto-currency analyst, claims that the Bitcoin price will eventually rise over the course of the year 2021 to about $ 100,000, says: The Stock-to-Flow-model is still intact.
PlanB (100 trillion) declared that its popular and highly optimistic Bitcoin price model is still invalid, even after Bitcoin fell within a few hours to more than 50 percent. The Bitcoin price remains within the predicted standard deviation bandwidths.

The rally is after the halving is still on the Plan?

We have already reported several times on the popular “Stock to Flow”model of PlanB for the determination of future Bitcoin prices on the basis of scarcity. The projection assumes that at otherwise same conditions, abrupt changes of course of the output rate of Bitcoin will have a direct impact on the price of the crypto currency.
Since the Bitcoin network follows a predetermined set of rules, which can only be a consensus of the network is adapted to change only four annual “Bitcoin-half adjustments” Bitcoins issue price. Every 210,000 blocks is halved, the number of new Bitcoin is issued with each mined Block, automatically. The next half, when the block reward is 6.25 BTC drops, is in may of this year.
Earlier half of the arrangements are colossal Win for Bitcoin holders advance gone. The Stock-to-Flow model has been largely adapted to Bitcoins to previous price movements, and certainly dramatic bullish movements actually seem to be the events themselves to follow.
In the screenshot below, the left diagram shows the projected Stock-to-Flow-to-price (thin dark blue line), as well as one and two standard deviations (lighter blue areas). Even after a sharp decline to less than 5,300 $ at the time of writing claims, PlanB, that the model does not remain intact, because the Bitcoin price was once deviation bands behind.

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The Analyst writes that the extreme volatility is just another example of the fact that market participants “deal out weak hands”. Because:

“Extreme returns without extreme risk.”

All the markets tumbling – can Bitcoin benefit?

The recent crash of Cryptocurrency coincided with a crash in many other markets of the world. The collapse of an agreement between the OPEC and Russia to support Oil prices triggered the sell-off and fears over the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the downturn has no doubt exacerbated.
The fact that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in this time of uncertainty to serve as a reliable safe haven seem to be one of the most important value propositions in question.
Many had bought Bitcoin in the assumption that the lack of Connections to other markets would make the Asset is a perfect hedge. A 50 percent downward movement indicates for many that the time for Bitcoin is ready to serve this goal.

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Despite the clear fear has taken hold of the market, some in the crypto-currency industry that steps such as the introduction of more than a trillion dollars by the Federal Reserve to bitcoin’s favor will be.

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