Crypto-criminal looking to take advantage of the panic around the Covid-19 to get out of jail

While the world is terrified of the resurgence of the spread of the coronavirus, the two suspects in the system of crypto-currency Ponzi scheme, BitClub Network, take the opportunity to engage in a process to get them out of prison

They fear for their health

Few days ago, Matthew Brent Goettsche and Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks, the two suspects in the case of crypto-fraud who have managed to extort 722 million to investors, have filed motions asking the federal court in New Jersey to be free of the prison.
The argument that they put forward would be that, once the epidemic has hit the institution, the spread would be inevitable.
But also, the preparation of their defence requires the meeting with their lawyers, which would prove to be difficult to implement, according to their argument.

The detainees are in a difficult situation

Supporting the approach of his client, Rodney Villazor, the lawyer representing Goettsche, wrote in his letter addressed to the district judge of the United States, Claire C. Cecchi :

“It is not a question of” if ” but “when” the DOC (Department of Corrections) has its COVID -19 (♦..). Once the virus is introduced, it will be almost impossible to stop its spread. ”

Apparently, the correctional facility of the county of Essex would already be deemed to have a folder that is exceptionally poor in terms of the maintenance of the health of prisoners and the addition of a highly contagious virus to this mixture would lead surely to a disastrous situation.
Certainly, the officials of the prison are planning to perform an insulation of the premises for 23 hours in order to avoid the contamination to the Coronavirus. For their part, the lawyers of Goettsche and Weeks emphasize that their clients would not be able to follow the progress of the case if they are placed according to the conditions of confinement.
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