Crypto-currency of the United States: Digital dollars in planning

While China, Sweden and even the Euro zone, with digital versions of their Fiat-work currencies, were not planned such projects in the USA (so far) still. This has now changed, because the Digital Dollar project is the degrees of the potentials and possibilities of a digital Dollars to explore the block chain the base. The Digital Dollar Foundation has partnered with accenture, one of the largest consulting and management companies in the world. All the news on the Dollar crypto currency you will find in this article.

Crypto-currency as a danger for the US Dollar

Crypto centralized Fiat currencies could currencies such as the Dollar are dangerous, if only due to the rate of Inflation and the increasing money supply by Fiat. Already a week ago, we reported about the currencies of the European Union Crypto as a system risk considers. In addition to tougher regulation of crypto-currencies, the next action against Bitcoin: A digital Dollar as a counterpart to Fiat currency. To do this, the project Manager said:

To act by the possibility of the US Dollar over the Blockchain, protect and we can preserve the Dollar as the world reserve currency.

We see from this statement, the supposed “danger” posed by Bitcoin and cryptographic currencies for governments. In Particular a “risk” for the Dollar. This Trend is the Americans want to oppose, of course, something.
Since the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik in 1957 is scratched the technological Superiority of the United States. It could make until now, but none of the Dollar as a world currency in question. With the advent of digital currencies and the opportunity to make simple and fast cross-border payments, this, however, is becoming stronger under pressure.

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The “Digital Dollar Project” as a catalyst for the FED

The Digital Dollar Project is a merger of experts, consider the Digital future of the Dollar as necessary. The project works with the companies accenture, that in the case of other Central Bank crypto-currencies advice was. The aim of the cooperation is the development of the digital US dollar, not only technologically, but also conceptually and regulatory advance.

We have sent men to the moon. Therefore, we will also be able to send the dollars to the Cyberspace!

In addition, the Foundation hopes to have a cooperation with the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the United States. The digital Version of the dollar is to first exist with the analog currency and the cumbersome Transfers than countries to simplify boundaries and conventions. In the development of a national crypto-currency of China is, however, much more. Read our article for a centralized crypto-currency of China.

US Dollar as the crypto-currency: centralized Shitcoin?

Bitcoin, and other public cryptography centralized superior to currencies of Central Bank currencies in many respects. An important factor is the freedom of the Open Blockchain technologies and their censorship resistance is. With digital Fiat currencies of the way to the glass consumer is not far off: as Long as a better way of Monitoring the money flows, it is also built most likely in the digital dollars. In the white paper of the digital Euro, we were able to see how the decision to introduce carriers in the Central banks digital currency: Centralized and with more controls than in the analog Version. Bitcoin remains one of the best Alternatives to the Central banking system.

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What do you think about the efforts for the Digital Dollar? Could this be a danger to crypto-currencies?

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