Crypto-entrepreneurs to build on California’s Ghost town Mining centre

Resourceful crypto-bought entrepreneurs Cerro Gordo, a secluded 150 year old Ghost town in California. It is planned, the abandoned mine town in a crypto and Blockchain-center, remodel.

In a 150-year-old mining town will be re-mined

Had purchased, the investors, the city is already mid-2018 – for $ 1.4 million. A CNBC report says that there is a 22 building a comprehensive, 150-year-old Ghost town. Cerro Gordo is located about 200 miles North of Los Angeles in the vicinity of Death Valley national Park, adjacent to the Inyo Mountains of the Owen Valley.
Now it belongs to two young entrepreneurs: Jon beer, owner of the PR and communications Agency Jack Taylor PR. And Brent Underwood, host and founder of the Hostels HK Austin in Austin, Texas. Brent is also a Partner of the creative consultancy and marketing company Brass Check.

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The aim of the entrepreneur is to transform Cerro Gordo in a contemporary destination while preserving the Flair of the old mining town. Of course, tourists payments in Bitcoin and other crypto can make currencies.
Indeed, the Vision of Taylor and Brent includes the Integration of Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology, to Cerro Gordo to make a focal point for the crypto Community. Visitors should be able to trade Goods and services.
Moreover, entrepreneurs, in an old, about 1,100 feet deep mine shaft plan, a crypto-Mining Center set up.
In addition, innovative water should be used for protection technologies and the necessary power from solar energy and other renewable energy sources are procured.

Investors hold crypto-Mining to be lucrative

In spite of bitcoin price fluctuations and the fact that more than 80% of the Coins have already been mined, see the entrepreneurs of the crypto-Mining as a lucrative business. In this respect, abandoned and isolated regions of the world seem to be in the focus of many investors.
So BitRiver has launched in the past year at Bratsk in Siberia, a Mining operation. Today, the largest Bitcoin is BitRiver-Miner of Russia. In this company of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska combined the crypto-Mining technology with one of the largest aluminium factories of the Soviet period.
This is comparable to: “Dmitry Marichinevs Russian Mining Company” (RMC) has explored the Nadvoitsky aluminium smelter (NAZ) in Karelia in an effort to boost the Bitcoin Mining in Russia.
The conversion of old aluminum plants in the crypto-industry centers in the USA is of interest to you. Last October, Bitmain, the operator of the largest cryptocurrency Mining Pools in the world, launched a 50-megawatt Mining Farm in Rockdale, Texas. Target from Bitmain is to make this Farm the most important Mining plant in the world.

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