Crypto-exchange Binance to around $ 1 Million in crypto-currencies embezzled: report

Hack control is investigating Reports of a case of alleged embezzlement in connection with the world’s largest crypto-exchange Binance. The Exchange is accused of embezzlement of funds.
Coin Update is unable to verify the allegations currently independent, however, a serious claim against Binance was collected. According to hack control representatives Binance to have an account with nearly $ 1 Million in crypto-Assets blocked.
The account holder has accused the stock exchange of embezzlement.

The funds are locked in for 18 months”

According to information provided by the user, the exchange has assets to the value of 858.999 US dollars a number of Asset, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), IOTA, Zcash (ZEC) or EOS locked including.
The user claims that Binance since 21. November 2018 is in continuous communication with him and the money still has not given back. The explanations of the stock exchange for this purpose, speak a different language.
The story, according to Binance had the suspicion that the money have been unlawfully acquired. The stock exchange claims that the South Korean police have requested the blocking of the funds.
The South Korean users, however, the police – and as it seems, there was never such a request. The user also claims that lawyers have confirmed his Version of the story.
Cyber security consulting company hack control to have discovered, moreover, already in other similar cases. The total damage is estimated to be approximately $ 3 million, where there is a suspicion that Binance employees embezzle aware of the money to enrich themselves may be.
The victim, a class-prepare for action with criminal charges against Binance.

Controversial, but still at the top

It is to be the leading crypto exchange, but in the past few months, Binance met with serious Controversy and accusations faced. The allegations range from balance-forgery-up to the Trades, which were carried out without the consent of the User.
It has, however, avoided the stock market, largely to respond to the criticism publicly. Recently there is considerable confusion about where Binance has its seat after it became known that the stock market is, contrary to previous assertions, once in Malta.
On 3. April has been filed with the U.S. district court in Manhattan, a nationwide class action, in the eleven defendants against the securities law to have. Binance was named as one of the defendant’s wallet in addition to Bibox, BitMex, KuCoin and other.
Despite these accusations Binance with respect to the Trading volume continues to be at the top of all the other crypto-currency exchanges. The authorities should find evidence of misappropriated funds, could the Exchange be in serious trouble.
So far, the stock market ignored the allegations nor complete.

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