Crypto industry is booming, employers are desperately seeking crypto-talents

The prices for crypto-currencies have experienced over the years, significant highs and lows. Less volatile, the labour market, however: The number of Jobs within the crypto industry is increasing continuously.
On 7. November, the popular job Board Indeed published an analysis of the current Bitcoin Jobmarktes. The data show that the share of crypto-Jobs has increased in the last four years by 1,457 percent. A little surprising, because the market has matured over the years with the entry of institutional investors and large technology companies.

The entry of large technology and crypto-currency companies

The largest share of the increase has, of course, currencies of the boost in interest in Crypto. Private individuals, institutional investors and some of the largest companies in the world are interested in any type of Blockchain and crypto, in particular, to the application as a means of payment.
Social Media giant Facebook about recently announced, in June, 2020, Libra-Coin on the market. Shortly before that, the Team with experienced Blockchain has been strengthened professionals from all over the world.
Payment processor Square, from Twitter boss Jack Dorsey founded, was also on the crypto-talent-Tour and added to its Cash App for crypto-currency options, so that users can easily buy Bitcoin and sell.
Also companies such as IBM, Oracle, Amazon, KPMG, Ernst & Young and other expresses in the course of the year your intention had talents with experience and Expertise in the areas of crypto-currency and Blockchain.

Government agencies in search of crypto-talents

While most of the demand for crypto-workers comes from the private sector, are also governments and public authorities on the search. At the beginning of the week, the US Central Bank has published a vacancy for a “Retail Payments Manager” to help with the exploration of digital assets, stable coins, and the Distributed Ledger technology.
Other agencies are taking similar steps. The “Securities and Exchange Commission” had already released in April, a vacancy for a crypto-specialists, in the hope to find a professional attorney Advisor for the Department “Trading and markets”.
The reasons for all this are clear: Private companies that want to venture in the Digital Asset area, need the best talent to be successful. Governments must also ensure that the right people are for regulation and supervision are responsible.

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Eve Manning

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