Crypto-record: Brave Browser reaches 40 million Downloads on Android alone devices

The Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich developed Brave Browser has reached a new milestone: 40 million Downloads on Android alone devices.
The Browser, which is closely associated with the “Basic Attention Token” (BAT), has achieved in the last twelve months a number of positive milestones.

Brave continued Success

The privacy-focused Brave Browser has just an important milestone left behind and alone on the Android platform, 40 million Downloads achieved. For comparison: the App of The popular Bitcoin wallet Coinbase has only 20 million Downloads.
Brave is a Browser that blocks Ads and trackers, and in the crypto-currency Community is very popular is. The corresponding Token of the project, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has made in the last months progress and can be used as a reference for publications, users, and Content creators.
In July, the Browser brought up the advertising platform of the BAT-Tokens on mobile devices. The “Brave Ads-program that was first offered to Desktop users, will reward users with the BAT Token for the display of advertising. This Option helps to protect the privacy of the User, a point on the Brave holds strictly.
This could contribute to the growth of the platform, because good posture with regard to the protection of the privacy going around. Also, many journals give the Browser positive reviews.

Rapidly grow

The Brave Browser made for headlines about major milestones, which illustrate its growth. So the Browser has to leave last November its Beta Phase, and Brave 1.0 launched – a sign of the strong development and acceptance of the project.
At the beginning of the year, 20 million Downloads, reached Brave on the Android platform, and the current jump to 40 million, shows that the Browser is growing exponentially. In about eight months, the Software could double your Android the number of users. In Japan, Brave the most downloaded Android Browser.
Opera and Firefox has been Brave in terms of its user numbers are already outdated. According to reports, Brave has a user acquisition rate, which is more than twice as high as the current market leader, Google Chrome.
The Brave Browser is equipped with a crypto-currency stock exchange, and offers, among other things, the possibility to recommend the most popular Content creators.

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