Crypto Summary: Bitcoin has reached the $ 10,000

We have a great expectation generated by the next Halving of Bitcoin that will be among a very few days. All eyes are on the main criptomoneda and the rebound that can lead to this event in its price. A few minutes ago the price of Bitcoin reached USD 10,000.

Bitcoin reaches 10,000 USD

At the time of writing this edition of closing our crypto summary of the day, we saw the turn gave the main criptomoneda of the market. Because the price of Bitcoin reached USD 10,000. Minutes before it was trading around the USD 9.300, and we wondered if the criptomoneda could reach 10K before the Halving. Our response to this question did not last long in being answered. You can expand a little on this information, visiting the analysis performed by one of our analysts CriptoTendencia. Where you will get the behavior that you can take the criptomoneda short-and long-term.

Launch of junction of TON without Telegram

Today finally was launched the network blockchain of Telegram, TON. Or, at least, a new version of this. TON Labs, an initiative that helped to Telegram to run the test network for the Telegram Open Network (TON), on Thursday launched its own version of the Blockchain with the support of the validators professionals. Called Free TON, the fork happens after the group decided not to wait for that Telegram addressed the regulatory barriers that face before you can officially launch the Blockchain TON. The block genesis was generated a few hours ago, during a call Zoom live-streamed via YouTube.

Mining China of Bitcoin after the Halving

To purpose to carry out the Halving of Bitcoin in a few days, the question arises of what will happen to mining after this event. However, the look on this occasion, the focus on China. Mining in China present great commitments and challenges, as they do not have modern equipment. Currently these computers are pretty old and don’t have the productivity on most modern computers. This would mean that, faced with a reduction in the reward of the mining of Bitcoin after the Halving, many of the farms that operate on chinese territory would be dead. Not be profitable to continue the activities of mining with old equipment and a lot less productive.

Pound Facebook appoints its CEO

Pound Facebook has named as its new CEO Stuart Levey, the current legal director of HSBC, and deputy secretary of territory and financial intelligence of the Treasury Department during the George W. Bush administration. Levey, who also held that office during the administration of Barack Obama, has spent eight years at HSBC, and will be in the summer when you leave the job in the bank of London to move to Switzerland, to the headquarters of the Libra Association. The former official said that it will review the project Libra to be able to ensure that it meets all of the regulatory expectations.

Do you admire Peter Schiff on Bitcoin in secret?

Peter Schiff, an economist and libertarian, and runner who made a name as a public advocate of the gold has spent the last few years a space to criticize Bitcoin. In his confession yesterday, he wrote that once Bitcoin “collapse”, posture cryptographic adversary will be obsolete. In this sense, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, and co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, have asked Peter Schiff who is in charge of his criticisms of professionalized to Bitcoin. Zhao, known in the industry as CZ, responded to the online admission Schiff who likes to “irritate” the people in the space cryptographic, joking that: “He twitters more #bitcoin than gold. And your commenters/followers are all people to bitcoin. He is the sheep in wolf-skin”.

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