Cryptocurrencies: Analysis of XRP, BSV and LTC

The bulls of the market cryptocurrencies refuse to yield the control to the bears. Bitcoin and Ethereum are still showing intention to bullish, while, other cryptocurrencies top 10 will follow the step. Today we conducted an analysis of XRP, BSV and LTC to predict your future in the short term. Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Source: Crypto Online

Analysis of the cryptocurrencies XRP, BSV and LTC

Analysis of XRP

We begin with the 3rd largest by market capitalization. Ripple shows a behavior quite similar to the other altcoins in the main, a structure bullish daily composed by a clear succession of minimum increasingly high. Yesterday we saw the closure of a candle surround bassist, demonstrating immediately the weakness of the buyers to continue generating higher highs. This is the first indication of a trend change, but there is nothing confirmed until the structural support near traverse, in the case of XRP, located in USD 0,18. To continue the uptrend, the areas of resistance to watch will be around USD 0.20, USD 0,2138, USD 0,22 USD 0,24. Keep in mind that the dominant force is bearish, resume, a new and sharp decline is witnessed. Technical analysis of the chart XRP / USD temporality daily. Source: TradingView

Review of BSV

Occupying the 6th place among the top of cryptocurrencies larger, BSV shows a behavior quite similar to XRP, but with the difference that it is recently lived in a Pump and Dump, which makes the graph look quite different. In January, Bitcoin VS increased its price by more than 200% in a matter of hours. However, all those gains were eliminated after reached a maximum of USD 458. The recovery of the market crypto in general also supported the BSV, managing to overcome even the moving average of 200 days, a bullish signal that few cryptocurrencies currently possess. Moving averages EMA and 8 SMA 18 days are crossed to the upside, supporting the structure of bull that keeps. The immediate resistance to watch is at USD 212. If it goes through, the land will be free to the bulls to test the USD 252. Just as in XRP, a first sign of the transition trend can be observed. In this case, to be confirmed the start of a bearish trend, the support at USD 180,5 must be crossed. Technical analysis of the chart BSV USD in temporality daily. Source: TradingView

Finally, LTC

Litecoin, currently in 7th place among the cryptocurrencies largest by market capitalization. LTC also maintained a bullish trend on daily, composed of a minimum increasingly high, and with the recent weakness of the bulls by to immediately continue the current trend. From the chart LTC USD in temporality daily we can clearly observe the strength bearish is still predominant, which was then the impending fall lived in mid-march of this year. If the bears want to resume this negative feeling in Litecoin, they must go through the area of support for immediate, around USD 40. Otherwise, the bulls will continue to find resistance nearby. The most important to monitor are USD 50, USD 65 and USD 80. Technical analysis of the chart LTC USD on temporary daily. Source: TradingView All of our publications are of an informative nature and in no case should be followed as the advice of investment.

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