Cryptocurrencies and services fintech capitalizarían crisis of the coronavirus in Chile

The impact that is leaving the expansion of the coronavirus in Chile could benefit the cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and services fintech for the processing of payments. So what is considered Angel Sierra, director of the Association of companies in Fintech in the country’s northwest, who said that what complicated the picture is in reality an opportunity for undertakings of this type.On the cryptocurrencies, the executive said that in crises such as that generated by the COVID-19, in which the country remains paralyzed in the face of the possibility of new outbreaks, these show a capacity of adaptation due to the circumstances that are presented.”At this time the criptoactivos surprised with the resilience to foreign exchange traditional for one simple reason, they are backed by technology and have a finite number. The bitcoin has 21 million (of units) and there is just. Unlike the dollar and other currencies that are a printer of banknotes that do not already know what is the underlying, the backing of those currencies,” said Sierra in an interview with digital media.The cryptocurrencies are seeing in Chile as a safe haven financial. Image by Jack Moreh / stockvault.netEl steering fintech chilean believes that companies related to cryptocurrencies “doing very well” because people are becoming more and more criptoactivos. The reason for this behavior is that the users gradually would be watching as the refuge financial.In connection with the ventures fintech for the processing of payments, Sierra emphasized that these companies are the largest and are capitalizing on the situation given that the chilean economy is digitized. He recalled that the majority of the purchases of goods and services are carried out through the Internet and are companies of this type the processing operations.Although the opinion of the Sierra could be construed as positive for the criptoecosistema local, you must remember that in the past Chile has restricted the operations of startups related to cryptocurrencies. One of the cases most emblematic occurred in march of 2018 when local banks closed the accounts of the exchange houses CryptoMKT and bitcoins in santiago, Chile in platforms P2P like Localbitcoins shows that, in comparison with the last year, the number of BTC traded in this criptobolsa has decreased. During the first quarter of 2019 is transaban up to 90 BTC weekly on Localbitcoins, while the best figure for a week during the first quarter of this year is 42 bitcoins.In Chile have been confirmed 4.161 cases and 27 people killed by COVID-19. As in other countries, in Chile have also been postponed events related to bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general.

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