Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and funding for the development of Bitcoin Cash, LTC and SACS

The creation of funds of financing for the development of networks blockchain were news this week. In Litecoin, it was suggested that the miners in the network donate to the developers of the 1% of their profits for every block mined. For its part, in Zcash a vote endorsed the proposal to create a new funding scheme.Meanwhile, the price of bitcoin (BTC) was around USD 9,000 for a whole week, with a rebound that started from Monday, January 27. At the time of writing this article, the price of BTC was around USD 9.453, a higher value that is handled on CoinMarketCap, according to the price calculator of Breaking News.With Breaking News interested parties can keep up to date on changes in the market prices of bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin, with relation to your local currency. To do this, you can visit the section of the Market is Latin, which has a pricing calculator to perform conversions quickly and easily to your national currency.

These are the news highlights:

After it was made public the initiative of a fund for the developers of Bitcoin Cash, now Charlie Lee, creator of the criptomoneda Litecoin, proposed a funding mechanism based on the profits of the mining groups of that network. The idea would be that the pools mining “voluntarily donate a portion of the reward in the block,” which corresponds to them by its activity one of the groups of mining pools of Bitcoin Cash, involved in a proposal for the miners to donate part of their profits to the developers, decided to withdraw its support for the proposal. At least, it will until there is a consensus more clear in the environment of Bitcoin Cash.The insurance Spain Mapfre, Caser and Generali, together received the Award IDC FutureScape 2020 the Best Project of Implementation of Disruptive Technologies for the development of their private network Cygnus, which is permisionada, based on the blockchain of Ethereum. The award was given by the company to the IDC Research Spain, in the framework of the celebration of its 20th anniversary.The State Tax Administration Agency of Spain issued a resolution, in the face of what will be the control of taxes for the year 2020, in the that lists the cryptocurrencies as “one of the toughest challenges in it today.” To the supervisory body the technology behind bitcoin, and of the cryptocurrencies in general, facilitating their use by organized crime.The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela created a new additional tax for payments with cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange. Venezuelans will now have to pay up to 25% more of VAT on any purchase of goods and services that are not made with bolivars or petros. Meanwhile, the hotel Eurobuilding Caracas is one of the most representative of the city, has begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.The company NVIO, a subsidiary of the house of the change of cryptocurrencies mexican Bitso, became the last 22 of January in the first financial entity that obtains permission from the comision Nacional Bancaria y de valores (CNBV) to provide services in Mexico as an institution of Funds-Payment under the supervision of the Law Fintech. For its part, Tauros, the platform of a mexican allows users to manage their accounts in mexican pesos, u.s. dollars, and cryptocurrencies, recently added the possibility to your users to be able to add funds to their accounts in the house of change, through atms banks BBVA and Banamex.


Part of the rewards for mining in the network of Zcash iran destined to a fund to finance developers linked to the project, while the current system of funding is due to expire in October of this year. In total, 20% of the profits from the miners to decrypt each block go to this fund, after a vote in which participated 88 voters of 119 possible.The first call for acceleration of UNICEF Lab already has their award-winning projects. Among them, stands out the platform of “autographs” digital Watafan, which runs on the blockchain of RSK, the side chain of Bitcoin. The 5 selected projects receive a contribution in cash of EUR 5,000.As part of its research work, the team Kraken Security Labs has detected that the portfolios cold Trezor present the same vulnerability that was recently identified in the portfolios KeepKey, which allows an attacker to find the way to extract seeds (private keys), just having physical access to the wallet for about 15 minutes, having the appropriate equipment.A group of 50 developers of Venezuela said present in the next edition of the Caracas Game Jam, which will bring together programmers and graphic designers who want to make video games in a collaborative way. In this year’s edition, the organizers will open up a challenge for those who wish to participate in the elaboration of an educational proposal, through a video game on the use of bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.If you want to know the meaning of several words from the terminology of the criptomundo, you can reference the extensive Glossary of Breaking News.

Bloodbath (bloodbath): refers to when a particular criptomoneda or most of the cryptocurrencies on the market suffer from a considerable reduction in its price, reflecting values in red in sites of statistics and graphics.

Criptotutorial of the week:

The creation of a token with Waves begins with the transfer of funds to our account of that platform. In this case, can be transferred ethers to redeem them in the house of the change of the platform by a number of waves. The following tutorial explains the process step-by-step.

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