Cryptocurrencies: The winners of the day

The market of cryptocurrencies in general has remained fairly stable, product of the small price range at which it is closed Bitcoin. However, other criptos smaller by market capitalization have been moved, making important impulses upward. Below is A list of the 5 cryptocurrencies winning the day.

1. Numenaire

The token Numenaire, won more than 29% in the last 24 hours, a move that continues the trend that have been imposed on the buyers about this criptomoneda more than 30 days ago. NMR moves fairly tied to the larger ecosystem. You can verify by observing that in so far this month has risen by almost 400%. This token uses the platform Ethereum to perform their operations. Which, is designed so that any developer can make predictive models using different learning methods, including artificial intelligence. Chart NMR BTC on temporary daily. Criptomoneda winner of the day. Source: TradingView

2. Blockstack

The token of the ecosystem Blockstack has risen by 16,55% in the last 24 hours. However, it is not a movement really interesting for its price, since it is normal to fluctuate in this way as volatile. Your quote remains locked in a strong bearish trend, marked by important rejections of prices bullish, observed in the time-frame daily. The bullish move was developed in a couple of hours, but up to now it is no more than a reversal of a negative feeling dominant. Currently the price is located in area of historical lows. The criptomoneda Blockstack was developed for an ecosystem of applications to private, which give total control of data to users to whom it belongs. The platform connects to third-party developers who desire a Internet more decentralized, and users who need to keep control of their data. Daily chart of Blockstack vs. Bitcoin on temporary daily. Source: TradingView

3. Aelf

This top of cryptocurrencies winning the day, the number 3 has obtained a 14,45% of benefits. Unlike Blockstack, for Aelf the bullish momentum that has shown in the last few hours if it is of relevance. However, the actual tilting of the price in the chart of candles daily is bearish, but the area of minimum in which it is located is spurring interesting shopping, in addition to that already achieved to motivate a break of the structure down weekly. Aelf is a token of multistring is similar to Ethereum, which tries to overcome the limitations that still exist in operation in the larger Blockchains at the moment. Its operating system is open source, encouraging an ecosystem dApp consistent. Used the design of the sidechain along with the consensus of Proof of Participation for the construction of a decentralized network in the cloud. Chart ELF BTC on temporary daily. Source: TradingView

4. Quant

The criptomoneda Quant has increased their price by 14,10% in the last 24 hours. We are once again with a criptomoneda with a bullish move of this magnitude, it doesn’t mean much to the trend. However, the one we saw yesterday was causing a transition to bullish charts intra-day, which could cause a start of new earnings in the very short term. QNT remain in a dominant bearish trend if we look at the daily chart. The project Quant is focused on ensuring interoperability between different chains of blocks, enable the linkage between networks and global chains more flexible. Daily chart of QNT-BTC. Source: TradingView

5. Ripple

Despite the fact that it is not of the 5 cryptocurrencies winning the day, form a part of this list for being the more earnings obtained between the coins with the highest market capitalization. XRP generated revenues of a 7,89% in the last 24 hours, which means a major bullish move to the 3rd criptomoneda ecosystem crypto. Despite that it was still consolidating quite similar to BTC, Ripple managed to cross the immediate resistance, resuming the small upward trend is observed in charts intra-day. Is still in a bearish trend if we look at charts such as the daily or weekly, but the action of price that is currently displayed indicates that it will seek next resistance before making another drop. Graphic XRP-USD on temporary daily. Source: TradingView

Where can I operate the cryptocurrencies winning the day?

All tokens listed in this list are available to be traded through Binance. This being the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies, it is completely safe to use their services. We hope it has been of utility this publication. Any suggestion or feedback you can leave it in the comments, we will be happy to read.

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