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Update Ethereum: the target’s previous analysis, was reached.

Go back to bitcoin. First, take a look back. In our analysis of last Tuesday, we reported that the value of the airwaves for $ 270 (250 euro) you can go up. And it was fast, as it happened, Thursday was still.
At this point, it seems the price just to take a breather. Will the price go down? It is then that the support is between 225 dollars (up to 207 euro), and for 230 us dollars (212 euros). That is, it is in the middle and a blue bar on the top of the chart.

The rising trend is still intact

It seems hard to believe, after the fall on Thursday, however, the bitcoin price is still in a rising trend. You can see in the chart, the red trend line. In each of the fall looks in the direction of the trend line and bounce back up to the top.
The first support is at 10,000, the $ 9.225 million). This is an important psychological threshold for a lot of people. As the chart shows, this level corresponds to the red line. From here, you can have the price increase.

What if bitcoin is the upward trend continues?

We have a trend line drawn over the top of the bitcoin by the end of 2017 to over-the-top-of June, 2019 at the latest. It is quite possible that the exchange rate here, the resistance is going to suffer. The long line of the rising trend line come together, 11.830, the $ 10.908 million).

If we zoom in, we end up with this picture. As you can see, it is a realistic scenario, but for the price, however, at the same pace will continue to increase.

But this is going to happen, and it is certainly no guarantee that the bitcoin price will take two months to grow. It is also possible that there is a fix going to come from. Therefore, please read below even our bearish scenario.

But what happens when the line breaks down?

Breaks down that the value is on the lower side, the upward trend of the past few weeks, had my pass. In this case, the levels of the previous week in the line of sight. The levels you can see in the chart below, in return.
The following boundary conditions are then:

9.800 usd (9.040 euros)
9.455, the $ 8.725 euros)
9.150, the $ 8.440 eur)

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