Cryptocurrency Libra with progress Association establishes the Committee

One of the top topics of the last year was the Facebook launched in Libra projects for your own crypto-currency. The initial euphoria and the impetus for the entire Crypto-market, which resulted in rapid resolution. With time, it became clear that the wind blew against the wind of the regulators, but stronger than I thought. Also, if it is now to Libra calm, continue the Work in the Background. So, it has now been announced that the Association has elected a Committee of 5 in charge. This is supposed to be for the technical development and Supervision.

5 Committee to push Libra crypto currency

From the press release on the website of the Libra project, it is clear that the Committee of the 5 managers was selected in December. The Committee is a “Technical Steering Committee” (TSC), which in English means so much as a “Committee for the technical steering”. The press release reads:in
“The role of the TSC is to monitor the technical design and development of the Libra network (and crypto-currency) and to co-ordinate. The responsibilities include:

Management of the technical Roadmap for the Libra network
Formation of technical working groups to speed up the research on selected specific topics
Guide for the development of Bases
Building a healthy and committed Libra-developer community

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First results already in Q1 2020

The establishment of the TSC is an important step for the Libra crypto-currency in the right direction. Already in the 1. Quarter of this year, is designed to introduce the working group’s first results. This includes the development of a “technical Governance framework and related documents belongs to”. Also, the process should include how the Community of the Open Source project, propose technical Changes, and these can rate.
It is gratifying to see that there is progress in Libra crypto-currency. The extent to which this year comes to a possible Start remains to be seen. Actually, the Launch for 2020. Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged, however, that it may be due to the regulatory delays.

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