cryptocurrency mining with your body

Computergigant this particular patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO). Microsoft has come up with a way for you to lichaamsactiviteit to be used in the mining of a cryptocurrency s. You will cryptomunten mine to run?

Proof-of-Work, but in a different way

In the patent it states the following: “instead of the enormous calculations, which in some cryptocurrency systems are needed, data that have been generated on the basis of the lichaamsactiviteit of the user, a Proof-of-Work-done.” This allows the user to unconsciously perform complex calculations.’
Lichaamsactiviteit you can see, in the broadest sense of the word. For example, think about physical activity in order to cryptomunten to mine. For example, the measurement of an increased heart rate. The measurement of brain waves, these signals may also be used for cryptocurrency to mine.
Due to mine with the lichaamsactiviteit, you can also compensate users with cryptomunten a task to carry out. For example, in the administration view of your ad. Or a sporty behavior and a reward, through the cryptomunten to earn money, after a round of jogging.
It may sound like science fiction, but there has been research into the mining of cryptomunten with lichaamsactiviteit. In 2017 and studied in the Netherlands, the Institute of Human Obsolescence and the ability to get bitcoin to mine with the body. In 37 subjects, provided jointly with 127 watts of energy. Theoretically, you can use that energy to make bitcoin and other cryptomunten to mine.

What Microsoft wants to do with it?

It is not yet clear what the plans of Microsoft for the patent. In the patent mentioned, the computer company, however, is that in a centralized blockchainsysteem works best for you.
But this system is self-development? And they have to make use of an already existing blockchain, or they build their own blockchain to do this? All of the unanswered questions.
However, it is an interesting thought experiment. And it’s a good motivation to get those running shoes again to wear.
Do you want to patent it yourself, read through it, you can have that here.

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