Cryptopia-Update: liquidators progress, $ 7 million is available to repay

Like most in the industry have noticed: The now no longer existing new Zealand crypto exchange-Cryptopia was hacked in January 2019, and approximately $ 16 million in relief.
Customers had to wait almost a year to the repayment – which is due in large part to the fact that Cryptopia, the User equipped with individual Wallets, but the money was kept so that a mapping to each of the customers was hardly possible. How could this happen? Good Question.
Now the Cryptopia appointed Liquidator, Grant Thornton has published a General Update on this topic. The new report, entitled “Liquidators’ Second Report on the State of Affairs of Cryptopia Limited” describes the progress of the last six months and, at the same time shed light on the ongoing efforts.


Cryptopia: What comes next?

In the report, Grant makes it clear Thornton: It was not possible to determine the methodology behind the theft. To be Affected will probably never know how the attackers were able to access to the Cryptopia-Wallets get.
However, Grant Thornton has been working with the new Zealand police as well as with international authorities to determine the cause of the theft. The liquidators continued to progress through a customer database received from a third-party provider in Arizona.
These data were needed to the customers, bodies of data, certain cryptographic equipment deduction. Grant Thornton according to the voting process progressing well now, but it will need more time until the process can be completed – after all, there are more than 900,000 active customers accounts and millions of transactions.
Grant Thornton has also held several webinars with Coin developers who were affected by the breach, and the processes the company’s checks. Say examined, as to his insolvency, and whether there were any violations of the concerned laws.

Around 3 million of expenses

If Yes, are the companies the liquidators the appropriate legal steps, if it comes to the creditors benefit. To date, the liquidators shall be tucked in more than $ 5 million from a trust account of a third party have collected, 202.534 dollars through the sale of assets and 344 BTC in about 4.4 million dollars to be liquidated.
They identified, however, over $ 200,000 in the Form of employee preferential claims and 26 unsecured creditors ‘ claims in the amount of a total of 2.991 million $. In addition, Grant Thornton has provided more than 823.000 US-Dollar for his services.
So far, the exact amount of the liabilities to the creditors, and the anticipated repayment date is uncertain, since Grant Thornton to complete the Wallet-voting process and several open law needs to clarify the questions before the Repatriation can start.
Nevertheless, the company has to 14. November 2019, with a net funds of 7.16 million US dollars (ex-10.9 million US dollars, minus a variety of expenses and fees). Therefore, it is likely that less than 5 million dollars to be distributed to the remaining creditors.
Some customers are currencies up to 75 per cent of their Crypto like Bitcoin to lose.

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