Daily trading volume of bitcoin has been a time of 50 lost since the halving in 2016 – Breaking News

In the past four years, and the average monthly trading volume of Bitcoin has been growing exponentially. And if you take the statistics of bitcoin is the halving of 2016, it is compared with that of the previous day, then you can really see how hard bitcoin has grown over.
The rest of the entire cryptocurrencywereld has changed dramatically since the bitcoin is in 2016, with a halving process. The numbers of earning, however, in order to take a closer look.

Volume of trade is growing very fast

As Cryptowatch on Twitter, where he wrote a courteous bitcoin to its best month in 2016, in the month of June. The trading volume for that month was $ 1.5 billion. By way of comparison, in april of 2020, the volume of trade is now running at about us $ 30 billion. The volume is a four-year period by up to a factor of 50 increase.

Not only has the market has increased, but it is also the focus of attention. In comparison to 2016, and it is there on Google, over four times as many searches on the Bitcoin Halving. This may be due to the exchange rate, but also because more attention is being paid to the very foundation of bitcoin.
During the bitocin halving of 2016, it has increased the price of the bitcoin at the end of the year, from around 400 to around $ 600. Since there are only two of the previous halvings have been made, and in 2016 is somewhat similar to that of the previous day, it’s more like a sample than a trend. However, we are obviously hoping for a repeat.

Bitcoin price is stagnant, on the day of halving

But in this iteration, we need to wait a little longer. Bitcoin rose to hardly any since last night. The coin is acting exactly in the opposite direction, and shows a small decrease. However, it is still in its early stages, after the halving, the analysts expect that it will be a couple of months, it may take a while before the next bullrun presents itself.
Last week, it was announced that 2% of the capital investment of the mega-investor Paul Tudor Jones ‘ of bitcoin is. Mike Novogratz has responded here, on CNBC:

I expect to hold for a period of from 8,000 up to 8,500 dollars, and immediately begin to deal with. We see it in our store, with a huge increase of interest in bitcoin, and in the delivery of the encryption of high-net-worth individuals, funds and … well, It feels like there was a herd on the way.
I’m waiting, and waiting, on the institutional side. I think Tudor Jones, the news is very good news, because it is, in some ways, it’s a risk to look stupid, to look at it is to buy bitcoin.

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