Dash will enter the market of cryptocurrencies of LocalCryptos

Key facts:

Dash turned out to be the second most popular choice to be added to the platform, after Litecoin.

LocalCryptos has not yet given the date on that will add the criptomoneda to their platform.

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The team LocalCryptos announced through their official blog that will open up a new market Dash for the users of the exchange platform of cryptocurrencies.

LocalCryptos conducted a vote at the beginning of 2020 in order to choose the criptomoneda that would accompany bitcoin and ether as the third option of sharing in the platform. Dash, EOS, and Litecoin were the options that the users had; and though Litecoin was the winner, LocalCrptos explains that Dash was in second place with thousands of votes in his favor.

In a press release explaining that the decision to open a market Dash his platform was driven by the support of the users. LocalCryptos, a company formerly known as LocalEthereum, considered that adding a Dash to your platform is an important step.

Despite the fact that in the vote was attended by users from various parts of the world, LocalCryptos takes into account the growth of Dash in Latin america. According to a report by commercial Dash, they have grown by over 100% in Latin america in the first quarter 2020.

Mark Manson, public relations Manager of Dash, explained that the purses assets of your criptomoneda in Venezuela have increased by 562% from may to December 2019. The total purses active in the platform of Dash in December 2019 hovered 50.336.

LocalCryptos seeks to expand its market cryptocurrencies with Dash

The team LocalCryptos he worked for almost three months to get to include Litecoin on the platform. Managed to move the script P2SH (Pay-to-ScriptHash) from Bitcoin to Litecoin, with which users can perform P2P through the contract of guarantee without the trustee, using at the same time, the format of transaction known as SegWit.

The peculiarity of this platform is that, unlike LocalBitcoin, LocalCryptos not custody funds in warranty an internal account of the platform. This reduces the risks of hacking and leakage of funds in order to guarantee the platform.

In February of 2020 Breaking News published a guide for users to learn to use LocalCryptos quickly and easily. In this you can find the initial steps to form part of the platform, or even how to post ads for trade in the same.

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