DEA found evidence of use of cryptocurrencies by cartels of Mexico and Colombia

Key facts:

The use of bitcoin for money laundering is small in comparison with other channels.In recent years, the cartels have changed their methods to launder money.The DEA (Administration for the Control of Drugs, for its acronym in English) published in January last his report for the year 2019, which describes the threats posed by illegal drugs and trafficking organizations that operate in the usa. UU.De according to the report, the cryptocurrencies as bitcoin is integrated to a wide range of resources used by the main cartels of Mexico and Colombia to launder money.According to what is contained in the report, the sale of drugs generates tens of billions of dollars in illicit proceeds annually in the united states. UU., where the organizations devoted to drug trafficking, by nature, are moved intensively driven by the money in cash. However, in recent years, the cartels have changed their methods to launder money.The DEA agents report that they detected a higher incidence of the use of cryptocurrencies, mainly for cross-border operations. At the global level, it is estimated that the turnover of money laundering would approximately be about USD $ 2 billion, for which the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is still small compared with other channels.However, for the DEA, the use of the cryptocurrencies is a payment method that is increasing in popularity among the general public and among the cartels of Mexico and Colombia, which also use dark red as a platform to sell drugs, inspired by the now defunct “silk road”.

Due to the fact that most of the houses change us comply with regulations, anti-money laundering required by the laws, the criminal household looking to exchange houses in cryptocurrencies without a license and like to do their shopping. Also use cryptocurrencies anonymity-enhanced to inhibit the researchers ‘ ability to continue funding platforms to identifiable.National assessment of the Threat of Drugs, of the u.s. Department of Justice.

Although the DEA agents turned on their alarms for the use of cryptocurrencies on the part of organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, their main concern comes from the different methods that come to refine. These methods are related to the smuggling of cashthe placement of income in the u.s. banking system and in the electronic system to transfer money to Mexico. This is in addition to the purchase of assets with cash and the use of companies “facade” to receive or to send electronic transactions, with the objective of hiding the true beneficiary of the illicit funds. The money laundering based on the trade and the market for pesos the black market.In 2018 Breaking News reported that a special agent of the DEA, pointed out that, in that moment, that only 10% of the transactions with cryptocurrencies was used for illegal activities. The report of 2019 reveals that there are indications that in recent years has decreased the use of cash to the bulk of the money-laundering operation, especially because the mexican government imposed limits on deposits dollars in cash, which has forced the drug organizations to resort to other methods.The past year also it became known that the International Financial Action Group to design a system that will be used by several countries to collect and share data on the persons who carried out transactions with cryptocurrencies. The goal is to avoid that the funds be washed away, meant for terrorist organizations or used illicitly.

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