DeFi-Boom and no end in sight – but the growth in the crypto sector?

It is no secret that the DeFi-sector (Decentralized financial) belonged to in the last few months, the sectors with the best results. Many of this market fragment associated crypto Token have seen intense gains.

The upward trend in the DeFi-Token has slowed in the past week. Nevertheless, the fundamental growth in this sector is directed strongly upward, wherein a plurality of measuring sizes in the last few days highs have been reached.

This 5 DeFi-figures have just reached all-time highs

Although many of the crypto-tokens, related to this fast-growing Ecosystem, have lost in the past week a part of their value, to grow the Ecosystem as a Whole is still in a rapid pace.

This shows that there is a discrepancy between the basic state of health of the decentralized financial ecosystem and the price of the associated digital Assets.

Spencer Noon, head of DTC Capital, commented now: There are five indicators, showing the current strength of the fast-growing sector. These include:

2.5 billion USD gesperrt5 million locked Ethereum15.800 Bitcoins3 million locked DAI1 locked, $ 2 billion in outstanding debt

The growth on these five fronts since the beginning of June is particularly strong, and the introduction of the Compound in the further course of the month has just drive helped to Stoke the flames of this growth.

Currently, Compound, Maker and Synthetix occupy the first three places in the protocols with the highest completed USD value.

Aave is rapidly ascended, and now occupies the fourth place. The growth of Assets is mainly due to the growth of LEND, the the platforms corresponding to the Token that will be traded to more than 1,600% in the YTD.

DeFi-related crypto Token have a lot of room for growth

Despite the massive influx of users and capital, the DeFi in the past few months has experienced, there are still a lot of room for growth.

Data according to the current market capitalization of all the Defined tokens at about $ 3.6 billion, which corresponds to a dominance of 3.14 percent compared to the aggregated crypto market.

Data Source: Crypto Slate

However, growth has slowed in the past week, as many of the major crypto-assets in the sector have lost in this period, ten percent or more of their value.

Data Source: Crypto Slate

This slowdown may have been caused by investors that profits off the table – but it is still unclear where the capital needed to maintain this growth could come from.

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