DeFi is according to prominent Investor in spite of parabolic rises in the prices of LINK and COMP at the beginning

If you’ve followed the Crypto market in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that, in particular, a kind of Altcoins can seen a sustained price rally, and those who stand with the new Buzzword of the year, “decentralized financing” (Defined) in connection.

Aave, Kyber Network, loop ring, Bancor, Maker, and Melon were all reported gains of more than 100 percent. Other projects, such as Chainlink, Synthetix, Compound and Balancer have also reported a parabolic gradients, of course.

But what is behind this fabulous returns? We are coming to the Crypto market in a bubble?

In the midst of a possible Ethereum-DeFi bubble

With the rapid increase in the already-mentioned Altcoins is widely whispered about a new bubble. Others cry out it right out loud, and argue that this increase in value is based solely on FOMO. DeFi is a Buzzword that seemingly by itself sold.

Weiss Ratings, and its Department responsible for crypto-currencies even went on Twitter to the extent of saying that the idea that the DeFi of the rest of the Crypto might decouple market, as ridiculous. In your opinion, it is only a matter of time until DeFi is again “acting in line with the Rest of the market”.

The Token of the Defined protocols are currently being traded is actually a absurd-sounding price-to-earnings ratio (PE) of 100 to 4.360. While crypto-as shares of the traditional companies are to be treated to avoid Value ratios investors often Assets with extremely high PE-currencies, of course, not exactly. For comparison: According to Investopedia, the average historical PE ratio of the S&P 500 13-15.

The venture capitalists Julien Thevenard shared this opinion, and represented at 21. July the forms on Twitter the view that the DeFi-sector of Ethereum could be a bubble, currently.

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DeFi is only at the beginning

According to the prominent Crypto-Venture-Investor and analyst Andrew Kang, the assumption is that DeFi is a bubble, however, may be incorrect.

On 1. July published Kang, a 25-piece Thread on DeFi, in which he shared his thoughts about “what stage of the DeFi-market, we are from an ‘inside perspective'”. As is clear from the below graph it can be seen, is DeFi ned, in his opinion, even in the earliest phases of growth.

He attributed this optimistic mood on a number of Trends. Among other things, Kang explained that the use of the DeFi “is traditionally focused on Hardcore users and/or ETH-whales”, which is evidenced by the only 1,000 to 2,000 addresses that took a few weeks ago, active in the financial applications of Ethereum.

The important thing about this statistic is that 1,000 of the take-up of 2,000 users, less than one percent of all active Crypto-user. This means that DeFi has potential for exponential growth. In view of the fact that self-Chamath Palihapitiya, one of the largest Bitcoin bulls, don’t know, what is DeFi, underlines this assumption of Kang.

Secondly, Kang noted that Asia starts table money that has been sent during the bubble 2017/2018 many Altcoin prices “to the moon”, just feeling “FOMO”. In addition, “the development of DeFi at a turning point”. With more liquidity, better Development tools, successful case studies, education and much, much more DeFi could have in the long term is still enough room for growth.

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What do you think about the current Situation on the market: Is Defined in the midst of a bubble or is this just the beginning? Behind your thoughts and opinion in our Telegram let us Channel., you to exchange with our experts and our Community. We look forward to you!

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