Diego Gurpegui: “bitcoin is a value inconfiscable”

Talk about cryptocurrencies is always fun. And listen to what Diego Gurpegui has to say about Bitcoin, in a climate like the podcast Breaking News —In Consensus— priceless. This is how Ellen Cazes and José Peña lived this new encounter with the passionate popularizer on Bitcoin, who is also director of the software company ImproveIN and co-founder of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.The conversation with Gurpegui took place at the beginning of April, under the sign of the crisis generated by the Covid-19. During the interview they highlighted issues such as the importance of education and the adoption, the receipt of value and the project DeFi.Gurpegui highlighted the role of The Bitcoineta in the current context. This project has gone from being a program to arrange talks to one of content daily. The key is the growing interest of people for Bitcoin: “the thing to work on is how to respond and how we transmit the information,” says the engineer and bitcoiner.Gurpegui says to the team In Consensus that the best strategy to talk about Bitcoin to someone new is the honesty. “Sometimes, I feel that the hand of the person who newly enters, above all, the information is a lot and very overwhelming,” he stresses.For this reason, he thinks that it is necessary to prevent the newcomers flee. Don’t want to be that person that when you approach someone new and asks what is Bitcoin he speaks of libertarianismo, to end up with the banks, the chain of blocks, the hashrate, and the proof-of-work.Gurpegui does not believe that Bitcoin is perfect. And know that perhaps the only common point is this community is the interest in Bitcoin as a good alternative.

Bitcoin as a receipt of value

The divorce of the price of bitcoin and the movements of the bags stands out in the present day. About it, Gurpegui argues that “it is a time for experiments”. Ensures that in Argentina you can see how the crisis has affected P2P between people who would like to meet in the street.In that sense, Bitcoin has been seen as a model of shelter of value in these critical cases. For Gurpegui there are three reasons that support this classification.First, in his view, Bitcoin is going to revalue long-term. In the second place, believes that this criptomoneda facing entities that are making decisions that will affect the global economy, sooner or later. For example, issuing excessive of money, which contributes to the devaluation. The third reason does not refer directly to the price, but rather to the ability of Bitcoin to be a value “inconfiscable, that I can control completely sovereign, individual…”, and that do not need intermediaries to be used.

Other projects as DeFi

Gurpegui said to In Consensus that is interesting projects such as Ethereum, at least in terms of technology. Although Bitcoin remains the most robust, in terms of what “should be” long-term, “from here to a few hundreds of years,” he says.The differences between the mentality of the developers of Bitcoin and the mentality of Ethereum are fundamental to Gurpegui. Are more conservative in Bitcoin, as well as prioritize security.In contrast, in Ethereum the target seems to be the functionality. The ecosystem of the finances decentralized (DeFi), for example, needs more time to be in the face of adversity; to mature: “I don’t know if Ethereum or the DeFi are able to withstand the ups and downs” of the market or the global crisis. However, it is interesting to Gurpegui that there are experiments and developments of all kinds related to the cryptocurrencies.

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