Director of Whatsapp provides that service payments will be reactivated in Brazil

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According to reports, the government of Brazil is open to reinstating the payment service Whatsapp.

The service was suspended this week after being released last June 15.

In an update of recent events, it became known that the Central Bank of Brazil is working with Visa and Mastercard, to restore the payment service Whatsapp in the country.

This was announced by Will Cathcart, director of Whatsapp, in a statement obtained by the Reuters news agency this week. “The central bank made it clear that support platforms like Whatsapp, which are innovating in digital payments,” said the executive to the news agency.

As we reported in Breaking News, the day Wednesday of this week it became known that the Government of Brazil banned from Visa and Mastercard to process payments for the application Whatsapp Pay.

For its part, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) vetoed the platform Sky to work with Visa and Mastercard to make payments using Whatsapp Business. Sky is one of the leading payment processors of credit and debit cards in the south american country.

According to the press release published on its website, the Superintendence of this body feared that the huge customer base of Sky and Whatsapp, more exclusivity in their business relationship, affecting the loyal competition in the markets in brazilian. This is because that Heaven would be the only payment processor to be used by potentially millions of users of Whatsapp, if the collections by means of this courier service is either enabled again.

Brazil was the first country where we launched this service last June 15, which allowed to make payments between individuals or businesses from the same chat window, conventional, as if it were an attachment, a picture or a video. The service promises payment facilities to the nearly 120 million users of Whatsapp in the country.

Breaking News attempted to confirm whether or not the negotiations between Whatsapp and the government of Brazil had taken up with a view to resume the service, but up to the close of this note has not received a response.

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