Does Halving of Bitcoin can affect BCH and BSV?

The Halving of Bitcoin will take place on the 12th of this month, that leaves us with less than 5 days to this important event. But, it is not the first Halving of this year Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin VS already had theirs. Does the Halving of Bitcoin may affect the BCH and BSV? The Halving of the Hard Fork of BTC, Bitcoin, Cash, was held on April 8 this year. While, the crypto that emerged out of the Hard Fork of BCH, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, he had his Halving two days after the 10 of April. This makes the Halving of Bitcoin in the third event of this type in a matter of 2 months. But, without a doubt we talk about the most important of all, and one of the events that most brings impact on the whole crypto market in general. What lessons have we learned from the other Halving this year? Does the event BCH and BSV affecting BTC? Do you vice versa could the same thing happen? Does the Halving of Bitcoin may affect the BCH and BSV?

What happened in the two past events?

As reported previously, the Halving of Bitcoin Cash and BSV was generated when both cryptocurrencies reached their block 630.000. This caused reduced exactly by half the reward of the miners validate each block. What could be observed is that a few days before, mining the altcoins began to move towards the mining of Bitcoin. The which is still reward with 12.5 BTC per block mined in the network, at least until the Halving of Bitcoin in a few days. This exodus resulted in a great decline in the Hash Rate for both Bitcoin and Cash, as Bitcoin SV. While, as expected, the Hash Rate in Bitcoin increased significantly. It is worth mentioning that, this is thanks to the amazing feature that both BSV as BCH have in your base with the same technology that Bitcoin. So, their hardware miners can serve to undermine any of these 3 cryptocurrencies, with relative ease of migration. Returning to our point, the decline of the power of computation caused both altcoins were much more susceptible to attacks of 51%. By the side of prices. These two events did not cause any significant boost in the prices of these two cryptocurrencies. Because both BCH as BSV decreased after the event. And since then they have increased in value slightly, thank you. Once that is complete the Halving of Bitcoin, the three chains operate with the same amount of reward in block 6.25 per block. But, there is a big difference in the price in dollars of each reward. At current prices, this value would be equivalent: BTC = $57.500 BCH = TO $1,500 BSV = $530

Does the Halving of Bitcoin can affect BCH and BSV?

It has been almost a month since that took place these two events, and even the miners have not migrated back to their respective altcoins of origin. What that tells us they are taking advantage of the last days in which Bitcoin is paying a lot more for each block is validated. According to some experts, the migration will start to be reversed once the Halving of Bitcoin takes place. But, this will take place very slowly. At least, comparing it to the massive migration that there were of BCH and BSV to Bitcoin.

“There will probably be a rebalancing towards where we were standing before the 3 Halvings”Said Sonny Meraban, CEO of Bitcoin of America.

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