“Dogs have the best Coin”: crypto-Fan of Elon Musk touts on Twitter for Dogecoin

Elon Musk is a real Dogecoin Fan and has now already been distributed for the second Time of praise on Twitter.

Elon Musk likes crypto

Elon Musk, who has proven to be sporadic, but powerful crypto-supporters, gave the DOGE again with a meme-based Tweet buoyancy.

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This is the second veiled support for Dogecoin, after Paypal co-founder Musk had tweeted in the summer of 2019 about his “Lieblingscoin”.

Doge could be preparing for a new rally, higher Trading volumes

DOGE is not known that he aspires to a rapid appreciation of – and be “moon”-price is all about a Penny. Currently DOGE is traded at 0.002 dollars and occupies the honorable Position of #33, based on the market capitalization.
There are more than 123 billion DOGE are already in circulation, with more than 31,000 transactions per day.
DOGE is in the world of cryptography, a stable presence, even if the meme has restricted based character of the tokens of his acceptance. DOGE was ousted as a base-pair Coin by the arrival of stablecoins. He is also not used so often for Arbitrage operations and the Transport of Coins between the exchanges.
The entire crypto community was thrilled by the support and may be waiting for a DOGE’s price action. At the Moment it is still too early to tell if DOGE will behave in a similar way, Tesla shares (TSLA).

DOGE could be prepared, in fact, for a run, because its Trading activities are in accordance with the Re-awakening in the year 2020, almost a record. The DOGE Trading the last month, with a volume of over $ 150 million per day, continuously active.
So far DOGE has not repeated, the records of 2017, although, however, the Coin has also shown that he moves against Bitcoin (BTC) vertically.
DOGE has seen for some time, no Pumps, and more, in addition, the majority of its volume is currently focused on the BKEX-exchange. The market for DOGE is also driven by a 48% share of the Tether-Trading (USDT) is a recovery – a shift from a scenario in the DOGE/BTC is the most active mating.
These conditions may help to decouple the DOGE prices, and in a new Phase of price discovery to enter. DOGE also signals an improved Altcoin mood, which heralds a new Altmünzen-season.

In connection with the creation of Litecoin-coins (LTC) are constantly coined new DOGE. There is no DOGE scarcity, and the Coin also shows an unequal distribution of wealth, as almost 20% of the Coins are in the Top 5 Wallets.

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