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The price of the Dollar has continued to climb in Argentina ??. The effect of Coronavirus ?, and the Effect Oil ? seem to be doing more havoc on the nation by the end of the world. Today, the Dollar / Bitcoin reaches $ 113 in Argentina, why?. The Dollar index / Bitcoin emerges in Argentina as a natural response to the restrictions, placed by the various governments turn to the purchase and sale of the american dollar. Which is the main refuge of many argentines who do not want to see reduced their savings over time. The argentines are turning to an increasingly greater extent towards the cryptocurrencies and the criptoverso. As the venezuelans do. All thanks to an economic crisis, political and social living in the two south american countries.

The Dollar Bitcoin reaches $ 113

Among all criptos, BTC has been the favorite of the inhabitants of the Patagonia. All to take refuge from the negative impacts of inflation, the exchange rate, the regulations to the access of foreign currencies and the access to the international market. But, intuitively, one might think that the inhabitants of Argentina, with the objective to avoid the quotas imposed by your government on the purchase of dollars, they would use the cryptocurrencies. But, nothing seems to be easy for the argentine people. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase Gravel is 800.952,04 pesos. Means that the price of each token of BTC in argentina is around $ 12,000 approximately, at the official exchange rate. While, in the crypto exchanges international, the first criptomoneda of the world round about $ 7.100. The Dollar index / Bitcoin in Argentina is currently located approximately on 113 pesos on this crypto exchange in argentina. There are so many distortions in the present in the argentine market, even there are an infinite number of distortions between the different type of changes.

What is it?

Yesterday, the contracts for the month of may, WTI touched land negative for the first time in the history of mankind. But, you might ask what does this have to do with the Dollar index Bitcoin. We are talking about the oil, which is the primary and most important source of energy of humanity, and that this would play grounds negative, gave a further indication to the market of how bad we are. Many can be factors of this behavior. Without a doubt, the “Effect Coronavirus ?” is one of the cause of this economic debacle. The new pandemic has meant that many of the countries of the world have stopped their operations. China and India, for example, are the two largest consumers of crude oil in the world. And these have cooled down their activities, and, therefore, the demand for oil has come down significantly. This has resulted in a new sign of the time bomb in which we are all now reflected in Bitcoin. This panic moves at the speed of light between the international markets. And with that, the rate of interests national and international. Behavior of the Index Merval, in the negative yesterday due to the panic generated by worldwide oil prices. Source: Although, perhaps most of us might think that oil has nothing to do with us. But the truth is that in a highly globalised world, someone sneezes in China, and we saw that in the other part of the world starts a global pandemic. One way of looking at the mirror, is to observe the behavior of the Dollar, Bitcoin in Argentina, being an indicator that shows the sentiment of the country.

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