Domino’s Pizza is giving away € 100,000 in Bitcoin

The Pizza Empire, Domino’s is launching a competition for customers in France. To win, there are in addition to “thousands of gifts” in the amount of € 100,000. The special thing about it is that the company offers, the amount in the crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC) to pay off. But how does it happen?

Why is giving away Domino’s Bitcoin?

The Pizza chain Domino’s has launched a competition in France. In addition to thousands of small gifts, giving away the company of € 100,000 that can be paid in Euro or Bitcoin. The competition started on 4. September and ends on 6. October 2019.
For all of you who didn’t know it yet: Pizza and Bitcoin have a history that has drawn in the crypto-world wide circles. As good as any Bitcoin Investor to know the story of Laszlo Hanyecz.
In 2010, as a Bitcoin for a few cents and was traded to Hanyecz have 10,000 in Bitcoin to the value of around US $ 40 for two pizzas paid. Although an American pizza restaurant called Papa John’s was at the time for the delivery of commissioned, however, to this day as “Bitcoin pizza day” in the story – and not without reason. At today’s exchange rate, would have Hanyecz for his Bitcoin can get around 100 million US dollars on the market.
Hanyecz was far from the only one who made thousands of Bitcoin for a few euros or dollars. In a post from may of 2018, we reported already about some of the most curious deals.

Bitcoin: the darling of the delivery services?

Paying with Bitcoin is still difficult and is offered by only few companies. However, it is striking that, increasingly, services delivery, with the leading crypto-currency deal. As Lieferando, for example, offers its customers to pay with Bitcoin. Since a few days also the delivery service from Burger King.

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