Due To Money Laundering! Crypto-entrepreneur Larry Harmon threaten to 30 years in prison

Once again, the privacy of crypto-shops theme. This time, due to the arrest of Larry Harmon, the CEO of the “Dropbit”App. To him, conspiracy is accused of money laundering.

To split up CEO Larry Harmon may need to 30 years in prison

Dropbit, Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin services, will continue to run for now. However, the Coin was seized, the Ninja, Harmon’s crypto-currency medium. The most controversial topic of the Helix Service, the Dropbit customers has helped the Mixing of their Coins was.
Peter McCormack, of prominent Bitcoin supporters, writes in a long Twitter Thread: trying private BTC Transfers would have to be for Harmon to serious consequences. According to reports, the use of Dropbit, and Helix has to do with the dark markets.

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Dropbit should be an App for the General Public, and “Venmo for Bitcoin”. The App also had a referral program, to send to Satoshi’s, and to receive, with the spread boost should be.
The Mix of Coins is not seen by the authorities, however, even as law enforcement is now behind the providers of mixers here. This time the US authorities were aware, they were also the Harmon Laundry directly because of the trial of the money with BTC sued.

Harmon helped with the coin-Mixing for Darknet sites

The other serious charge against Harmon relates to the development of the Gram search engine, the results of the Darknet sites summed up. The Helix-Coin-mixing service was also associated with the Gram search engine to anonymize the BTC use.
In the indictment papers, there is evidence that Helix has been actively promoted as a means for Mixing BTC and exchange for new Coins, which are not spoiled by the use of the Darknet Coins.
The messages and Ads helped the law enforcement authorities, against Harmon to proceed. Helix has offered according to Reports, as early as 2016, mixing services for the “Alpha Bay”- Darknet-site.
The Mixer will be used in the crypto space for years, and it is only lately come to raids. Because of the more stringent money laundering regulations, self-Blockchain are not exempt awards from the Review.
Usually it is not recommended that the anonymous use of, and exchanges or traders require a Deanonymization by KYC.
As a result of the Helix-activity Harmon has helped reportedly to wash 354.468 BTC, which corresponds to current prices of about 354 million. What is still strange: The Bitcoins that went through the Helix, have been treated as “money” – in a case in which Harmon value transferred without the District of Columbia a license for money transmission.

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