Each and every day, 5 million people have Good internet Browser (BAT) – Breaking News

The good, has the new data is shared about them in the privacy-focused web browser. In may of this year, officials already had more than 15 million, an increase of 50% since the launch of the Brave 1.0, last november. The daily active users have increased, there are 5.3 million users of the Brave, rising to 2 million a year ago.

Any unwanted ads

The web browser of the Brave, it is very popular, because the emphasis is on privacy, and because of this, you will not receive any ad to see more. Users are given the promise that they will have complete control over their digital identity and your privacy. For traders and investors, on the other hand, the ‘big picture’, where the lack of token that is part of it.

The figures of the Good Ads

Just like Google to generate Good revenue from ads, with their Good Ads, users will be able to opt for to make use of them. Since the launch of the browser last year, it has Good Ads about 1.530 campaigns, word of mouth, a healthy increase compared to the 400-campaigns in October, 2019, were also reported. Good, Ads campaigns, which are now in 183 countries and supports.

For marketers and advertisers among us, My Ads, allow great numbers to see it. Their CTR (how many people click on your ad compared to the number of people in the advertisement have increased to an impressive 9 per cent., the average being 2 per cent. In October, 2019, there were 97 million advertentiebevestigingen, and now that there is a 1 billion euros. As a confirmation, to see the Good, when a user see an advertisement, to be able to trace back to an individual.

More and more content, even for good causes

Also, an increasing number of owners can have been added. There are now 700,000 are the makers of popular mobile platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, and GitHub. Here is the BTC News are also covered.

In addition, they also have the Good Ads, and Grant Programs. This is an initiative to create additional awareness and support for not-for-profit organizations. The purpose of the program is, the more of it becomes visible due to the constant COVID-19 pandemic. The notice reads as follows:

The program has been expanded to a total of 31 non-profits including the Khan Academy, a No Kid Hungry, GetUsPPE, Save the Children and UNICEF France. The program has recently completed its support has increased in order to raise awareness and contributions through the Application of the Images.

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