Earn up to $ 8,000 with Binance in this day of luck

Already it has become something normal within the crypto community, which a company of the size of Binance create constant promotions to reward the loyalty of their users. Therefore, it is not a surprise the new bid launched by the exchange for this August 8. With which its users can earn up to $ 8,000 with Binance during the so-called day of the luck in the Chinese culture.

The day of good luck in China

For the inhabitants of the western world, when they hear the word luck we normally think of a set of things. From horseshoes, going through clubs, up to the number seven, there are many symbols of good luck in our countries. However, these symbols are not the same that we can find in the chinese culture.

In fact, in China, the main representation of the lucky is the number eight. Which, according to their traditions, would symbolize prosperity, success, wealth, and social status. This is due to the similarity between the pronunciation of this number, and the word “Fa” in cantonese. Whose meaning goes from prosperity to social success.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that for the chinese culture on the 8th of August (08/08), is a special date. Being celebrated as the day of luck for the citizens of this country, and now, thanks to the initiative of the company Binance, but also in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Earn $ 8,000 with Binance

Thus, through a statement posted on its website, Binance has announced a new event for this August 8. In which will be giving you $ 8,000 divided into several vouchers, to reward the loyalty of the users of the exchange with the company. In a promotion that will last for 10 days until the 18th of August.

This opportunity will be valid for all users of Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, who will be divided in two categories. New users of Binance from these countries will have to register, verify your identity, and perform a transaction in the market P2P Binance with a value of $ 100 using IDR, PHP, THB or VND, and then perform an operation on the spot market by the same amount. Receiving the first 800 in to make this $ 5 on BNB.

Participate in the promotion by the day of the luck of Binance is very simple thanks to its market-P2P. Source: Binance

For their part, the users already registered in Binance will not have to verify your account, however if you must perform an operation P2P for $ 100 and then a spot for the same amount. Receiving awards for the first 1,000 users in performing this process from a pool of $ 4,000 in BNB.

In this way, and although you will not be available to the western world, with this promotion Binance not only stimulates even more use of your criptomoneda, BNB, handing out $ 8,000 in the virtual currency among its users. But in addition, it rewards the traders of the community for their participation in the crypto market through this celebration of the day of luck.

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